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Bracelet with pearls

Bracelet with pearls

I want to introduce you to an unusual way of creating jewelry from talented masters – elegant weave of the rings. We offer two classes: the creation of a bracelet and earrings. Enjoy watching!


I made jump rings of sterling silver filled wire (18 ga, half hard). The rings had to be a little bit bigger than beads.


To make first bracelet link, connected 4 rings as it shown on the picture.


Then keeping them in fingers fingers as shown on the image below, I “opened” the rings forming them in a shape of nest. Places a pearl bead inside the nest.

6 7

Then, closed upper rings like it shown on the picture…

8 (1)

.. and connected them with two more jump rings. This rings are starting next chain maille bracelet link.


Again… opened rings to make a nest, placed a bead inside.


Closed the rings and connected with more jump rings.


And so on until the bracelet is needed length. In the end, I attached a clasp, and the bracelet is ready to wear 🙂

10 12

And earrings…


more work….

13 14 16 17 18 19 21 22


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