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Breathtaking blouse work designs for pattu sarees

Donning the silken nine-yard drape as your wedding finery? Here, we explore 8 different bridal blouse work designs for Pattu sarees as an inspiration. Take notes and choose your own piece with the same care.

Blouse Work Designs

Often associated with grandeur and timeless beauty, Pattu sarees are one of the most exquisite bridal wear in the world. These South Indian beauties are decorated with the finest thread and needlework. They often are a bride’s first choice in a wedding. However, to get your south Indian sarees to look their magnificent best, you need to couple them with stunning blouse designs. It can often be a daunting task to select a blouse that just works. So, we have curated a host of blouse work designs for pattu sarees, which are both trendy and timeless.

Blouse Work Designs for Pattu Sarees
Here are some brides who rocked their Pattu sarees as an overall look. Try your hand at these blouse work designs for your bridal silk sarees:

1. Maroon blouse with golden thread work

Blouse Work Designs

A South Indian classic, this blouse never goes out of fashion. This can be worn with both a heavy set green or blue pattu saree or paired with a stunning golden and white silk saree.

Suitable occasions: A South Indian bride’s favourite, this blouse is perfect for any formal social event.

Price references: These bridal blouse work designs for Pattu sarees are available from ₹1000.

2. The trendy cold shoulder

Blouse Work Designs

Turn up the mercury by giving your bridal blouse a cold shoulder. This trendy modern design pairs brilliantly with the elegant timelessness of any Pattu, and can be worn with similar and contrasting colour combinations. This contemporary design ethic works for everyone from teenagers onwards.

Suitable occasions: Works for chic evenings and trendy events.

Price references: ₹500-₹5000

Blouses of this type can vary enormously in terms of price, beginning with ₹500 and going all the way upwards of ₹5000.

3. Embroidered blouse with semi-open back

Blouse Work Designs

Backless and semi-open designs have ruled the roost of Indian fashion for decades now and show no sign of wane. Such blouse work designs for Pattu sarees can give you the confidence and the vibrancy of the moment.

Suitable occasions: They suit any festive social occasion and can turn up the heat.

Price references: ₹1500 onwards

While extravagantly priced designer creations exist, a pragmatic buyer will always find a bargain in less than ₹1500 with this design.

4. The golden silk blouse

Blouse Work Designs

The most queenly of garments, golden silk blouses are a must-have for any Pattu saree enthusiast. We, however, suggest you to give this apparel an unconventional twist. Muga silk blouses are not only stunning but are also an environment-friendly choice which will always keep you comfortable. This blouse is handcrafted and artisanally produced only in Assam (also part of the Assam bridal look) and hence expensive to procure.

Suitable occasions: Formal occasions

Price references: ₹3000

Though an expensive investment, these blouse work designs for Pattu sarees will last for decades and become treasured family heirlooms.

5. Red or orange brocade blouse

Blouse Work Designs

The brocade is a richly decorated shuttle-woven fabric, which delights the true Pattu connoisseur. This fabric can be crafted into traditional as well as modern designs like backless etc. All brocades aren’t made equal. And the red or orange brocade blouse with golden threadwork are in a league of their own due to their regal elegance.

Suitable occasions: This design is ideal for weddings, including those not your own.

Price references: ₹1000 onwards

6. Contrast blue blouse with iconography

Blouse Work Designs

Pattu sarees are famous for their ability to be contrasted with blouses of almost any colour. Blue or green blouses with embroidered motifs like peacocks, parrots, or lotuses go wonderfully with contrasting sarees in crimson or orange. They will also carry any lighter coloured saree with stunning elegance.

Suitable occasions: Your wedding

Price references: ₹500 to price on request tags

Prices widely vary from a mere ₹500 to designer pieces with an intimidating price on request tags!

7. Opulent pink zardosi work blouse:

Blouse Work Designs

The Vicerine Lady Curzon made the front page of The Chicago Times wearing a Zardosi works gown. In its traditional guise, Zardosi blouse work designs for Pattu sarees remain an evergreen style statement. These blouses can be as subtle as an off-white blouse with golden thread work to an opulent golden pink combination. For more, see our piece on golden blouses.

Zardosi work is a centuries-old handicrafts practice, but the premium paid for this blouse will be returned with interest.

Suitable occasion: Versatile, go with multiple occasions

Price references: ₹5000

Prices vary on the basis of the raw materials used and work required.

8. Boat neck Maggam with a stylized back

Blouse Work Designs

Boat necks flit in and out of fashion, but when coupled with traditional maggam work, and a stylish back, these blouses are a sight for the gods. These can be worn both full and half sleeves and while popular among all strata.

Suitable occasions: Semi-formal and formal occasions, including work parties

Price references: ₹1500 onwards

As designers push the envelope, blouse work designs for Pattu sarees keep evolving. However, with this guide, you can rest assured that you’ll never wear a mismatched blouse again!

courtesy: weddingwire

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