Bun with hair bow for long Hairstyles

By posted on March 2, 2018 3:55PM

Hairstyles “Babette” became fashionable in 1959 after the release of the movie “Babette Goes to War” with the participation of a sex symbol Brigitte Bardot at the time, but today this cute hairstyle with fleece, which is considered one of the best hairstyles of the twentieth century, and remains popular favorite hairstyle for many women. Babette hair style is often chosen for special occasions such as a wedding or anniversary.

Basis Babette hairstyles – bouffant. This is when the strands of hair with a comb forced awry (tease). Backcombed hair is placed in high and bulk hair, or on top of, or at the back. There Babette on the loose hair. Her hairstyle is called “Malvina”.
Babette is not so simple in execution, but with the advent of technology for hair rollers hair, Babette greatly simplified. Furthermore, use of the roller makes it possible not tease hair, and thus keep them from mechanical damage.

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