Gold Chain with Pendants Bracelet Ring & Earring Set

You never really now a woman until you have seen her jewelry. A woman’s choice in jewelry will definitely tell you a lot about her. There’s Jewelry for every different kind of personality. So this article is all about jewelry precisely about chains, bracelets, and earrings. The designs are unique and eye-catching.


A woman can never own too many leaf shaped jewelry because it can’t go out of style and become overrated. It’s an evergreen and elegant design. The set has a pendant with a leaf, Design followed by the pair of earrings as well.

Almond shaped

Almond shaped style for the pendant and earrings. Bracelet has small leaves of gold and diamond on it. The set is exquisite and undoubtedly astonishing because of its classy style. This set is good for every type of occasion.


Baven hammered pattern

This is the Bevan hammered pattern.
Earrings follow the same pattern but the bracelet doesn’t because the bracelet has heart and leaf pattern on it. Pair them with any dress, because jewelry is the most transformative thing you can wear.

Butterfly pattern

Without change there would be no butterflies, change is constant. So, for a change try the butterflies pendant.
This set of bracelet, earrings, and pendant has the pattern of a beautiful butterfly on it studded with diamonds. One should always follow their butterflies!

Heart with flower shape

In this set, the pattern of the pendant has both: heart and flowers. The formation goes like a heart with two small diamond flowers studded on it.
The pair of earrings is almost the same as the pendant, it’s just that the earrings have on the flower on each one of them.
Style for the bracelet is unlike the style for earrings and pendant for the reason that the bracelets small gold heart and no flowers.

Tulip chain

Tulips were a tray of jewels. The pendant has a round shape with two flower- tulips on it.
The earrings also have the design absolutely same as the pendant.
The bracelet is different from the design of pendant and earrings.
The bracelet has small leaves on it.

Leaf pattern

This is a pendant styled with a small gold heart on a leaf-shaped design which is encrusted with diamond.
Earrings are paired with the absolutely same design. The design of the bracelet is different because the heart is smaller and it does not have diamonds on it. But the bracelet is encrusted with diamonds in a different way.

Butterfly pattern

Moving on to the next set. This set is I guess the most admired of all.
Exclusively made for all those women who live life like a butterfly, who surely rest but never forget how to fly.
The pendant has one beautiful butterfly of gold and diamond, whereas the bracelet has two small butterflies set together.
Earrings also have the matching butterflies.

Heart pattern

This design is also one of the quirkiest design, the pendant has the shape of a heart but the design is designed quite creatively. The pendant has like three hearts, among which the two of them are bigger than one heart in the center. The smallest heart which can be clearly seen is of gold. And from the other two hearts in the pendant, one has a diamond on it.

The earrings are exactly same as the pendant but the bracelet has a little bit different design than the pendant and earrings because the heart is smaller and without the diamond, Instead, the diamond is added in the bracelet with a unique style.

Heart Shaped design

This pendant has the shape of the heart and a chain of gold. Also, half of the heart has a diamond on it and the other half has to gold.
The earrings have the same design of the heart just as the pendant has.
The bracelet is also the same as the bracelet in the previous set.

We wish that the above-mentioned designs of pendant, earrings, and bracelets work for you because for a woman buying jewelry with good design is a good investment.