Crochet hooks from old toothbrush

Crochet hooks from old toothbrush

Crochet hooks from old toothbrush


This craft, I would call very strange. Agree: it is unclear why waste for the manufacture of crochet hooks his time if such a plastic tool in the shop, you can buy at a ridiculous price? But a little reflection,How many toothbrushes annually throws your family? Most people throw their trash, in general so that the processing of these pieces of plastic do not shine. They will lie for centuries in a landfill and pollute the environment. It is much wiser – reincarnate toothbrushes in hooks, thereby notifying the overproduction of plastic hooks. So, crafts from toothbrush – it is very useful, join!

For the production of any hook, you will need an old toothbrush.


In addition bristle, take the file, pliers, sandpaper and a sharp knife stationery.


How to Crochet hook? The process works.

The first thing you need to get rid of that part of the brushes on which the bristles. Feel free to take a sharp knife office (you can even take the building) and cut this piece.


Of course, the usual office knife to cut the plastic you do not get: will only make a notch. But this is not bad: the rest of the work can be done holding bristles pliers. Hold this part of a brush and remove it.


It turns out brush without bristles.


Files little rub the tip of the brush to smooth it.


All the same blade cut a small triangle at the tip of the brush. This triangle, which you see in the usual crochet hooks. When viewed in profile, the groove should turn in the form of numeral “7”.


You can compare what you get with any handmade crochet. And can and does do exactly the same product, “copying a” natural hook with step by step.


Immediately take the working yarn (preferably, a suitable thickness) and try to knit such a hook. If no yarn comes off from the instrument during operation – so you’re on the right track!


Pay special attention to the most recess: it should not be catastrophically narrow. Otherwise, during the knitting hook yarn will break under pressure.


swipe it from the deepest point of the hook to the handle of the tool. Make the transition from the handle to the deepening was as smoother.


you should get. If the instrument goes gritty, sand the surface of sandpaper. But remember, for the manufacture of plastic toothbrushes take soft


Now that you know how to make a crochet hook!


From different brushes can be made of hooks of different sizes for use with different threads.


The obvious advantage of such hooks is that thanks to the care of manufacturers of brushes, these tools will be very easy to handle!



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