Designer sleeves designs for kurtis trending this year

Designer sleeves designs

Some of us like to keep our Kurtis plain with extremely designer sleeves to give the Kurti a different look. Usually, all are looking for designer Kurti designs so that we look different. Sleeves play an important role when it comes to making an outfit look different and designer. There are various kinds of sleeves that all the tailors and designers are using. For example there are umbrella sleeves, roll-up sleeves, cap sleeves, full sleeves, bell sleeves and many more like these.

Simple craft idea is here helping you choose the designer sleeves designs for Kurtis. All of these designs are very much in trend and are used so often in almost all kinds of outfits, but we will be focusing on Kurtis only.

Designer Sleeves Designs for Kurtis
1. Umbrella Sleeves

Designer Sleeves

These are the sleeves which are usually called umbrella sleeves because the sleeve ends looks like umbrella. This sleeves design for kameez are so trendy and beautiful. You can always give it extra effects by using little balls or dori at the end to make it look even better. They have a cuff around the elbow area and then the sleeves are left flowing like umbrella.

2. Ruffle sleeves

Designer Sleeves

These ra similar to the umbrella sleeves but they don’t have so much of flow or enclosure so it gives a frill or ruffle look. These sleeves for Kurtis are best if you want to keep this Kurti for casual wear purpose only. These sleeves are simple and looks decent. Usually used with V- Neck Kurtis to give it a proper shape and look.

3 Cape sleeves

Designer Sleeves

These sleeves look so amazing. With a cut towards the end and buttoned up towards shoulder gives an illusion of dupatta. These sleeves are the latest sleeves designs. These sleeves gives a unique look to the kurti. You can have these sleeves with ny kind of kurti and also with the gowns as well.

4. Three-fourth sleeves

Designer Sleeves

These three-fourth sleeves are simple and usually used for cotton Kurtis only. As the are very simple so they are not opted for heavy Indian Kurtis or salwar kameez. These Kurti sleeves are best suited for ones who don’t like a lot fuss with their clothes and likes to keep it simple and elegant.

5. Cut out three-fourth sleeves
Designer Sleeves

This design has a cut out pattern from shoulder to the ends. This cut out design is usually done on three-fourth sleeves . They will look so fresh and good on traditional Indian outfits. These designer sleeves are here to stay.

6. Bishop Sleeves

Designer Sleeves

These sleeves have a cuff at the wrist area and are often given buttons as well. These sleeves are tight till the elbow and then this puff towards the end gives them a bishop look. This was earlier used in winter fabrics but now because of so much of popularity they have been used in all kinds of fabrics and all kinds of outfits.

7. Cuff sleeves

Designer Sleeves

These sleeves are simple three fourth in length have buttons on the end which give it a cuff look. Just like we have it shirts with the cufflinks pattern these Kurtis have these cuffs. Very old style, but very much relevant and used by almost everyone somehow. They are simple so not used in designer outfits. But with some frills, in the end, this sleeve will also become designer.

8. Cut- out sleeves

Designer Sleeves

This cut out pattern is very famous. They are used in full sleeves as well. Here it is used in half sleeves , on the left side you can spot these sleeves on the top and on right side these sleeves are used for a traditional gown.

9. Slit sleeves

Designer Sleeves

These are normal half sleeves with a slit on between the sleeves and to add more to it you can use doris or buttons as well. These sleeves looks so gorgeous and can instantly make your outfit look so much better and beautiful. It is a classic design which has been part of our collection and wardrobes for years now. But this design is still very much in trend and opted by many women.

10. Overlapping sleeves

Designer Sleeves

The over lapping design used at the ends of the sleeves gives it a fresh look. With the designer end of the sleeves this design is used in both traditional heavy wear and cotton Kurtis. This design can add a stunning curve to your wrist creating a very attractive illusion.

11. Stylish sleeves design with pearls stitched to it

Designer Sleeves

These stylish sleeves have cut out pattern and stitched with pearls in it. This can be used when you have a traditional heavy Kurti. You can choose these sleeves so that it can outshine and will also give a beautiful look to your outfit

12. Lace up sleeves with buttons

Designer Sleeves

This sleeves design is on three-fourth sleeves which has Doris in it to tie and tighten it. This will create some cuffs on the sleeve and with the help of Dori you can tie it up as well. You can pit some buttons a swell to make it look even more attractive. This sleeves is usually used for cotton Kurtis used for casual wear purpose only.

13. Designer Sleeves design for Kurti

Designer Sleeves

This design looks so royal and beautiful. Given a flowing effect with the right elbow and flowing towards the end giving it a waterfall look. These sleeves are here to save your day. They look gorgeous and can instantly make your traditional outfit look a little more modern, and royal at the same time.

courtesy: k4craft

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