Floral hathphool jewellery designs for weddings

Floral hathphool jewellery designs

Florals are the new trend suited in every part and parcel of fashion whether it is clothes or jewellery. Flowers bring with them the fragrance of a fresh beginning at the special occasion of a wedding. Beautiful cheerful radiant flowers are symbolic of new colours that are going to become a part of your life. Flowers have the power of healing and represent the jovial time on the horizon.

Jewellery is the most attractive and intricate part of any woman’s attire. Women spend a lot of time thinking, planning and trying the perfect jewellery for the most important day of their lives. And definitely hathphool is one of them. So here we have come with this amazing blend of flowers and hathphool jewellery in the form of floral hathphool jewellery for the bride at the wedding. Look into these beautiful floral hathphool designs and choose the best one for you.

Trendy Floral Hathphool jewellery designs for Brides
1. Lavender beauty floral hathphool jewellery

Floral Hathphool jewellery

This is a very beautiful floral hathphool jewellery design for your wedding. The silk flowers jewellery in lavender and white adds to the beauty of the gorgeous bride. The circular rings of flowers are connected by a network of white beads which look absolutely stunning. The stylish Mehendi hands can be adorned with floral hathphool designs combined with transparent nail art. You can wear these beautiful hathphool jewellery pieces to ladies sangeet, bachelorette or even to the sphere ceremony. The floral jewellery can even be extended to chokers, earrings, etc. Clear nail paint will set the whole look on fire.

2. The roses floral hathphool jewellery

Floral Hathphool jewellery

This ring style floral hathphool jewellery looks absolutely magnificent. The colourful flowers magically embrace your beautiful Mehendi enriched hands. The wrist band styled hathphool jewellery is very snazzy and light at the same time. The combination of the rose flowers and the buds with small green leaves looks great. The addition of different pastel shade flowers adds colours in a muted way tp your hands. Paint your nails with glittery nail polish to go with white beads of the hathphool. You can wear this beautiful hathphool jewellery to your sphere or bidaai ceremony. Hope your life stays as fragrant as these beautiful floral hathphool jewellery. Blend the look with enriched mehndi and glitter nail paint.

3. Simple jasmine floral hathphools

Floral Hathphool jewellery

This heavenly floral hathphool jewellery is perfect for the wedding. This flawless hathphool is adorned with jhungroo and mogra. The khannak of the beautiful golden ethnic and traditional ghungroo adds the sound of happiness in the lives of the lovely couple. The sweetly fragrant mogra flowers give the aromatic essence of a new fresh beginning. The beautiful mogra or jasmine are strongly fragrant and will make for a lasting fragrance in the whole ceremony. You can wear it in your phere ceremony or ladies sangeet night. This beautiful white and golden hath jewellery adds the required contrast against the dark mehndi designs on the hand. Teem it up with golden glittery nail art to match the ecstatic jhungroo of hathphool.

4. The heavy pink floral hathphool jewellery

Floral Hathphool jewellery

This is a very special floral hathphool jewellery in pastel pink and hot pink to truly match the beauty of pink saree or lehnga. The wrist band composes of the bright soft pink flowers in the middle encompassed by soft pink buds all around. The thick wrist band is connected to the floral ring with bead laden threads. The beutiful pearls laden strings merge with the floral ring on the fingers. Add befitting nail art to make this look sheer eye candy. Wear this beautiful floral hathphool jewellery to the ladies sangeet ceremony, bachelorette, etc. You can go with a matte or gloss finish nail paint with this look.

5. Beautiful faux bridal floral hathphool jewellery

Floral Hathphool jewellery

This is a beautiful blend of golden rose flowers with sparkling and contrasting pink and green buds. The light floral hathphool jewellery complements the heavy embroidered golden saree. the classic traditional golden bangles just add to the beauty of hathphool and saree. The green buds of the hathphool go striking well with the green base border with embellished golden work of the saree. Also if you a mehendi lover, add some henna to your hands which makes it look absolutely pretty. Go for the reddish shades of nail paint to go gracefully with the entire ensemble.

6. The soft pink and undertone bridal floral hathphool jewellery

Floral Hathphool jewellery

If you are one of those who wish to be the coolest bride ever, then look no further. We have got the best accessories for you. This pink floral hathphool jewellery is undoubtedly the perfect choice for you. The hot pink flowers are well covered and wrapped with rose petals in soft pink and hot pink. The whole hathphool jewellery has the base of lighter shades of pink buds which resembles the beginning of a new journey. The design on the wrists is beautifully coordinated with the floral design on the fingers. The two coordinated designs are joined using strings of pearls that justifies to the exquisite luxurious outfit of the bride. Add some glitterish pink to your squoval nails that serve right your perfectly manicured nails.

7. Modern bridal floral hathphool jewellery

Floral Hathphool jewellery

This is a fantastic fine floral hathphool jewellery exclusively for that woman to want to keep it light and graceful. The hot pink flowers are well surrounded by peach and white coloured buds all around. The wrist band of the hathphool consists of hot pink flowers laid on a network of green leaves. The overall design of the hathphool jewellery goes extremely well with soft pink blouse beautifully embellished with white metallic circles. The hathphool is excellently matched with floral mang tikka and earrings that shares the same base. Suit your hair with soft curls. Choose whether you would love chic naked nails or transparent base coat to get a glossy finish. To enclose hot pink lipstick would definitely be cherry on top.

8. Soft pink fur and floral hathphool jewellery

Floral Hathphool jewellery

To get that enchantress look on your significant day takes a lot of time and effort. Also, a lot of thinking goes into perfecting the look. You have to look into each and every detail and here is an absolute amazing floral hathphool jewellery. This detached ring and bangle styled hathphool in various shades of pink go wonderfully well with the charismatic lehenga of the bride. The off white feathers of the hathphool complements the flared frilled sleeves of the blouse and adds to the glory of the immense elegance of the handset. The silver nail paint would surely lift up the sparking silver embellished work on the saree.

9. Beautiful lavender floral hathphool jewellery

Floral Hathphool jewellery

This is very pleasing and pretty floral hathphool jewellery with faux silk flowers in Lavender and white. The alluring lotus flowers make the hathphool so graceful. The light wristband of the hathphool with flowers in the centre in the ring of beads has been connected through a chain of pearls to the floral ring. The pearl merges with the mirror work on the border of saree to make it look more appealing. You can go for nail paints with a light tint of pink to match with the saree. Also, straighten and blow dry your hair and leave them open to feel the nice breeze of the new beginning of your life full of love and happiness.

10. Bright and enchanting floral hathphool jewellery for you

Floral Hathphool jewellery

This floral hathphool jewellery gives the appearance of cherry blossoms. The vibrant and cheerful hues are the perfect choice for the spring and summer season functions. The lively hathphool jewellery is very well in contrast with the green outfit that makes the overall attire so simple portraying the concept of natural beauty lies in the simplicity. The hands of the to be bride has been beautifully sketched in stylish henna art. The heavenly hathphool comprising of alternate light pink and hot pink roses has been fantastically matched with a floral maang tikka. The nails can be painted in a pinkish-red colour to uplift the whole attire. You can braid your hair into kauri style with a flower rubber band.

11. Pink and white combination in floral jewellery
Look at the image below it has a combination of dark pink and white flowers. This is a very perfect combination. You can also wear a dress matching with these flowers. Try to wear pink nail paint and lipstick but these should be of light shade as compared to flowers. The bracelet made of flowers is attached to one flower near the fingers. Maang teeka is also made of the flower. When you wear flower accessories then try to avoid fashionable items with it.

12. Light pink shade in Yellow Attire
If you’re wearing a yellow dress or sky blue dress then flowers of pink colour will look good with this. If you don’t want a maang teeka of flowers with it then you can wear a normal maang teeka of your choice. Remember to wear the earrings of the same type as of maang teeka. You can wear a chain of flowers in your neck and then don’t wear any other item with it. Same you can wear in your hands and the bracelet in your hand can be attached to your finger with a flower at the end. If you want then you can wear bangles with it.

13. Red & white flowers
If you are looking for a simple haathphool then this is perfect for you. Because the bracelet here is very simple. But the way it is made is very special. The green coloured stone in the centre looks very pretty. So try to wear a green colour dress with it. Then it will properly match. Here there are only two lines of beads in the bracelet which is quite decent and exclusive. Only two flowers are there in one haathphool. One is on the wrist and the other one is appearing like it is a ring. 14. Saffron colour flowers for the bride
These flowers are very difficult to find. But once you find it these look very pretty in any way. You can wear it as haathphool as well as you can use it in decorating your hair if you have tied your hair in a bun. Look at the image below. You must have liked this colour because of it us a very unique and rare to find colour. If you want a photo to be clicked of your haathphool then you can try this pose because it enhances your haathphool to extremes. You don’t have to wear any other artificial item with this or else these items will disgrace its beauty. 15. Combination of flowers and beads
Here the flowers are attached to your bangles and a special ring is made in which these flowers are attached. The chain which joins these bangles and ring is made up of precious small stones.These flowers can be of any colour but these should be small so that many flowers can be attached as they look pretty in large number. Your nail paint can go in contrast with these flowers. 16. Pink with yellow for a gorgeous look
We all know now that pink and yellow look good together. If you’re wearing a yellow colour dress in any function of your marriage and don’t want to use much fashionable gold and silver accessories then you can go for this. The flowers are pink in colour and bound by yellow colour. The maang teeka if you want can be made of flowers or you can even use artificial jewellery. You can even decorate your hair with these flowers. The beads can be of yellow colour. Yellow is a very brightening colour. It glorifies your beauty. 17. Bride in Baby pink colour flowers
As we all know girls like the baby pink colour ( not all girls) so these flowers are just made for you. If you’re wearing a light pink dress then you can go for this haathphool. In fact these flowers will go almost in all colours. The inner-circle in these flowers is made up of sparkling dark pink colour. Maang teeka with these flowers will be quite big. Still, you can use this in maang teeka iff you want a big one. 18. PINK and white together for the beautiful bride
Yes, the combination of pink and white is very famous and quite old. You must have seen this very often. You can even include certain other items of decorations with the haathphools like small roses of golden colour which are artificial. Some precious can also be added to it. The beads can be of combination of poor quality ink mad white. Here also you can use some flowers to attach in your hair in a unique and exclusive way. These flowers will look beautiful in your hair.

19. Different shades of Yellow
Look at the image below. Here the way they have used the flowers is very unique. You can even make a band with these flowers and wear it on your head and include a maang teeka with it. You can even use these flowers as your earring by adding certain fashionable items with it to make it appear more beautiful. Here the chain which joins finger to the wrist is also made up of flowers as well, unlike others where it is only made up of beads.

If you’re wearing this hairband then you should wear it on open hair or if you want a bun then you can decorate it in a different way.

20. A proper cute look for the bride
This is made up of somewhat artificial flowers made up of certain beads and decorated items use for embroidery and other things. The bracelet is quite broad around 4-5cm and on these small flowers of green colours are stuck giving it a very nice look. These green flowers are once again decorated with white small precious stones. Some white colour fabric very soft and light is attached to this bracelet. Here the ring in the finger is not attached to the bracelet. But the ring is quite similar to the bracelet. Always keep the size of the ring bigger then only it will look pretty. If you want you can wear these flowers for decorating your hair.

We hope you liked all these beautiful floral hathphool jewellery designs. We wish you a very happy married life. Do share your experience with us in the comments section below. We will soon come up with more such beautiful articles.

courtesy: k4fashion

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