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Flower ball using craft punch

Flower ball using craft punch

Procedure to make flower ball using craft punch.

Courtesy: Sindhu Pamisetty

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Materials required:
For Flower ball:

  • Colour paper – available A 4 size colour paper in any stationary
  • Craft punch – Flower type – available in any craft type stores
  • Thermocol ball – available in any craft type stores 
  • Paper pin
  • Glitter stone/pearl of your choice
  • For Stem: Bamboo stick, satin ribbon, cello tape
  • Patience smile emoticon


Make flowers using craft punch as shown in pic, here I have used two type of colour papers.
Using Paper pin, insert glitter stone/pearl and flower (two colours).
Now take that flower pin and insert into the thermocol ball
Just roll satin ribbon over bamboo stick.

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