Frozen memories pendants


Frozen memories  pendants 

More than the original pendants made ​​of epoxy resin will allow you to freeze what really matters to you high importance, then you want to carry always with you


You will need:

1. The epoxy resin (better spec. For creative work)
2. hardener to it (sold complete)
3. disposable cups
4. paint (optional)
5. molds
6. disposable plastic spoon
7. disposable rubber gloves
8. bands, chains, fasteners for jewelry
9. dishes with lid
10. wooden sticks
11. sandpaper
12. if you want faster to make a pendant (in time) – heater


13. fillers in the form of sparkles, beads, natural material (at your option) is necessary in equal parts mix hardener and resin, then disposable spoon mix well. If you want your interior decorations were in the middle of the pendant, it is necessary to make a multi-layer fill forms. After pouring the first layer of resin let dry, place the decoration, and only then apply a second coat. Resin dries up during the day, strongly attracts dust and all kinds of particles, so the dry product is better under the hood.

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