Henna heart tattoo designs for valentine’s day

Henna heart tattoo designs

We all know how important henna has been for Indians. Henna has been an inseparable part of Indian festivities and traditions. But today it is not about the weddings we will be talking about. All women must be really excited about Valentine’s day, it is not so far away. Before you start thinking what is the relation of henna with the V-Day then let me tell you these days women are getting Henna Heart Tattoo Designs done on their arms, wrists or palm. So yes they are interrelated as they can get these designs done for their partner on Valentine’s Day.

These designs can also be used for your engagement party and can be used for festivities like Karwa Chauth as well.

Henna Heart Tattoo Designs for Valentine’s Day
The ring mehndi art
Henna Heart Tattoo

This is such a cute design painted on the finger in which a girl wears her engagement ring. This design has a net design on it with two tiny hearts falling loose is looking so delicate and beautiful.

Wearing heart on the sleeve

Henna Heart Tattoo

This design has been painted in between the thumb and index finger. This design is so beautiful. The designs is giving a 3D effect, and have a beautiful rose design as well. This is a very girly tattoo Also this design is used by the brides and not necessarily a valentines day design.

Shoulder henna art

Henna Heart Tattoo

This design has been made on the shoulder area of the girl. This design is huge and has a heart with a fighter written inside it. Outside the heart, there is a lot of floral design done. This design is so gorgeous and very traditional. Girls who love henna often get them done on various places, like holders, hands and even the back of the shoulder.

Simple “love” written

Henna Heart Tattoo

You can simply get a henna tattoo design like this done. With love written in beautiful calligraphy and have initials of your name and your partner’s name written on it. There are various different ways of henna heart tattoo designs if it is too simple for you.

Strings of heart

Henna Heart Tattoo

This is such a gorgeous and stunning Henna Heart Tattoo Design with two beautiful hearts painted side by side and strings of musical notes in between. The thought behind this design is so cute. If your partner is also a music lover then you should try this tattoo design as it can be easily dedicated to them.

Henna Heart Pattern

Henna Heart Tattoo

This henna heart pattern is very easy to make and very small in design patterns as well. Just simply make a heart with flower petals around it. You can put an arrow in between and at the end of the arrow, the initials of your partner’s name or you can use initials of yours and your parent’s name. Both together, this can depict that you are together in it.

Easy heart henna design

Henna Heart Tattoo

So far this is the easiest henna design as this Henna Heart Tattoo Design s made with a lot of crosses in it. yes, the heart is filled with crosses in it. If you keep sliding the pictures you will see some extremely interesting patterns as well. There is one design where the heart is made with the things that a couple should believe in- Unity, hope, love and dream.

Love heart Mehndi design

Henna Heart Tattoo

This unique henna design is giving a little Indian touch to the design. Not necessarily a must valentines day design but you can also get it done for the weddings or festivities. This design is for someone who likes it with a lot of traditional designs in it. This is not a difficult design. You can make it on your own.

Heart with initials

Henna Heart Tattoo

As the pictures suggest for itself, this heart design has two bars also painted on it along with the initials of the names of your partner or both of your names first letters can also be wonderful. That is your choice. You can also improvise the design, this henna heart tattoo design is best suited for the wrist area.

Wrist henna heart design

Henna Heart Tattoo

This design is suitable for the wrist area. There is a plain heart painted on the wrist. To give it a better and interesting look, the artist has painted around the heart with roses and leaves. The design is very fresh, unique and looks very gorgeous. You should try it once and you can always improvise it with some more detail if you like.

Simple henna Design

Henna Heart Tattoo

This henna design is very simple to make. Just drawing these zig-zag lines with the drops at the ned gives it a thundering effect. As cheesy as it sounds this design shows the rain of love. This typical cliche line may not work for you but it will surely work for someone who is able to relate with this henna heart Tattoo design.

Henna Heart Design

Henna Heart Tattoo

This design is so simple and subtle. The heart made with the tiny drops of mehndi and with love written on the side. This design is so stunning and easy to make. You can make it on your wrist, or on your palms as well. This design will look gorgeous no matter where you decide to get it done.

Mehndi Tattoo

Henna Heart Tattoo

It is Avery unique and cute tattoo idea with a flower and a heart made with the same petal design as the flower is made off. At the end they have also made an arrow. This design is suitable for the wrist area. This design can even be more impactful if you write the initials of you partners name. It will be more intimate after that.

Simple love heart mehndi design

Henna Heart Tattoo

This design is very easy to make. With two hearts opposite to each other without any fillings inside it. This design looks very modern and unconventional. No names on the sides. Just two hearts with some design on the sides is enough for someone who likes it easy, simple and modern.

The above-showcased designs are very beautiful, unique and can be made very easily. Some of the designs are very unique symbols of love. With some personalization don’t in the art, these henna designs are gorgeous, delicate and. very unconventional.

courtesy: k4fashion