How to braid the trunk from trees

How to braid the trunk from trees

How to braid the trunk from trees

It has long been lost in contemplation of such works … but good? ficus grow more than one year is necessary ….
Let yourself create a tree? Long thought … and thought of …. all that is shown here – only the fruit of my imagination, a lot of looking in the internet, but other than vague schemes found nothing …
so set out below


Take a sample conventional paper rolls when they understand how to weave, with trunks will be easier here …. 6 tubes stacked in pairs in the slope, the base – tube under the towel


like clear how to twisting tube … if we fix the middle of a weave, it will be smooth diamonds


the next step weave … meaning that three barrels to the right, three to the left, flat rhombus fix ..


reliability fixation thread wrapped around me …. Well here is the result …. So, teaching with paper straws ….. went to the tree?


willow branches … a maximum thickness of 0.5 cm … cleanse, soaked for hours in cold water


remove the bark, branches are very flexible, so that after removing the bark branch has not lost the flexibility back into the water …..


long tormented …. still rolls on the most solid tissues, they fixed the direction of branches


due to the fact that the branches are not paper, it is necessary to fix each segment is very tight ….


We look at their weaving tubes, and it’re weaving branches …



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