How to decorate the denim bag with a knitted fabric appliqué

The cool and rainy weather, which has been for a long time in our country this summer, does not encourage walks, but inspires creativity. If it rains outside the window, and you have free time, there is nothing better than doing what you love. So I, thanks to inclement weather, finished, finally, the project, patiently waiting for its time. Now I have a roomy, comfortable, stylish and unusual denim bag a la turba.

I want to share with you the idea of decorating bags. I will be very happy if someone my idea seems interesting, and maybe even useful in the work.

So, I’m telling you. I thought of sewing a bag out of my jeans trousers. As a model, I bought a leather bag-Torba, which was bought a long time ago and became my favorite. She was very comfortable and served me faithfully for several years. Over time, her outer skin was completely worn out, and the accessories, pens, and lining remained in excellent condition. I decided to use them again. After making minor changes to the pattern of the original bag, I prepared two cuts from the denim fabric, previously compacted with a doublerin.

To give the new bag an individuality, I wanted to decorate it with applique. But not on the one hand, as is customary, but with both. Depending on the mood, you can turn the bag one way or the other. An inexperienced observer may think that I have two new bags.

Unfortunately, I do not know how to draw at all, so I went to the Internet for ideas and inspiration. Having looked through a huge number of abstract and thematic drawings, I selected two, which I especially liked and corresponded to the idea.

I was fascinated by the little girl Diane Duda, smiling at the new day, greeting the world with arms outstretched. “Hurray for today!”.

Materials: Denim, knitwear, threads, acrylic paints

Well, how can you remain indifferent to such a cheerful call? It’s decided! The image of a red-haired optimist was taken as the basis for the application of one of the sides of the bag.

On the other side, she decided to depict the likeness of a colorful tree, with a reproduction of Karla Gerard. I liked it multi-colored colors, simplicity, naivety, and immediacy.

The preparatory work has been done, the bag concept has been determined. I processed images in Photoshop, corrected the sizes and printed out the template on paper.

The most interesting stage of the work came for me – decoration. Choosing the tissues for applique, I tried to pick them up so that they looked harmoniously with the main material of the bag. Denim fabric is rather dense and heavy, so thin cotton, linen, silk and similar fabrics are not suitable for this. I chose the jersey of the angora. Bright colors, pleasant to the touch texture. It remains only to tighten the knitwear with doublerin, cut out the fragments necessary for the application and place them on the fabric.

To fix the decor elements on the main fabric and avoid their shifting when sewing, I used a “spiderweb”. Spot application of “spider” in key places and subsequent ironing of the appliance reliably fixes all the elements in their places.


It remains to sew carefully the application, picking up the thread in contrast or in the tone of each element, depending on the idea.

A few strokes of pastel …

… and acrylic paints on the fabric helped to revive the drawing.

After the work on the embellishment of the bag is over, it’s time to sew all the details.

Unfortunately, the moment at which it is required to apply technical or engineering knowledge (especially when it comes to calculations and the construction of drawings on them) is not my strong side. Alas! Regrettably, it is to admit, at this stage I often make a mistake, so I do not presume to advise you how to build a pattern of bags. Each master will have her own.

I just want to share with you the idea of creating an unusual decor of a familiar, seemingly denim bag.

After all the elements, including the zipper and the lining, were sewn, I went to the sewing workshop, where I installed eyelets (the kind of accessories to strengthen the hole in the fabric) and holniteny (rivets to secure the seams).

It remains only to insert the handles and enjoy the new exclusive bag. Here she is! I share with your joy!

The first side with a fervent girl, enjoying life.

A little closer to better consider the application.

Pens. Very comfortable and practical. Bravo to the manufacturer!

The reverse side of the bag is a multi-colored tree.

The lightning is bright red, in the tone of the girl’s dress.

The bag is very comfortable and roomy. I use it very actively, as they say, and in the feast and in the world.

I admit I was a little worried about the issue of “wear resistance” of decorative elements. I use the bag for about a month and with confidence, I can say that I was in vain. All the decor elements look great. There are no spools and even a blush on the girl’s cheeks, pastel, in place.

The decor of the bag always raises my mood. What do you want from the heart!

Let you always have a good mood and a lot of interesting ideas for creativity!

Thank you for attention!

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