How to make bracelet from adhesive tape and coloured floss.

adhesive tape and coloured floss.
Bracelets today invented many – beaded bracelets, leather, textiles, metal and in general all the tools at hand. And today we will be making an unusual bracelet from an empty roll of adhesive tape and colored floss. We get a very bright and unusual bracelet, which again will be very difficult. In any case, I advise you to try to make this bracelet and I am sure that you will not regret for a second that did it.
adhesive tape and coloured floss.
we need for the bracelet:
– Empty roll of adhesive tape;
– The cloth;
– Molyneux red, blue, beige and zelenoo;
– Shiloh;
– Knitting (dense);
– Threads of silk;
– Ruler;
– Scissors;
– Thin tape.
Now we can start working:
1. Since the reel of adhesive tape from us will be great, we will cut across, try on hand and note the perfect size for your hand, then cut off the excess portion of the spool and reduce the end to get the workpiece together (to do this, it is desirable on a solid basis), in the center of the workpiece make a few turns of a narrow tape, the ends do not diverge in the process. It is important to use exactly narrower tape because if we use a wide, it will greatly complicate our further work.
2. When a workpiece is fixed in the desired size, cut out a wide strip of tissue and start with the inside of the band processing. Embed it inside the workpiece, the edge wrap outwardly and contract them with a needle and thread on the front portion of the preform.
3. Take dense threads and gradually begin to wind on the workpiece, forming a rounded shape front parts of the future band.
adhesive tape and coloured floss.
4. When done right shape for the bracelet, make a layout every 1.5 cm put points on both ends of the bracelet. Now take the scissors and make cuts where did the layout. Cuts should not be too deep, but not too small. The ideal cut for us 1.5 – 2 mm.
5. Now take the blue floss and hook in the first notch on the upper edge of the band and hold the thread to the next notch, but at the bottom of the workpiece and also spend a zigzag thread to the top of the workpiece. Thus all we pass the workpiece and the thread anchoring the same place started to row.
6. Do the same action alternately with beige, red and green threads. At the end of each row is required to fasten the thread and take the next one.
adhesive tape and coloured floss.
7. Scourge all the threads alternately as long as the entire surface of the workpiece is not closed a multi-colored pattern.
That turned the original bright bracelet. wear it with pleasure!
courtesy: odelayna
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