How to make chrysanthemums of autumn leaves

chrysanthemums of autumn leaves

How to make chrysanthemums of autumn leaves

Roses from maple leaves, we all have seen and have long learned to make do, and here’s a new version of colors of autumn leaves – chrysanthemum.

Each of us can try to preserve the beauty of autumn, and please yourself and other solar chrysanthemums bouquet of leaves of trees.


For the work we need to collect colorful leaves of at least 50 pieces of each color: yellow – birch; red from Osinki; green – willow. Also leaves we will need some materials and tools: scissors; glue “Titan” cap glue and a toothpick; long wooden skewers for kebabs or branches of the tree in the number of colors; corrugated paper.


To form the tube-petals in two ways. The first – one edge of the leaf smear glue, then screwed onto the skewers. Second – leaf cheat on skewers and then swing the thread, which is sure to take off after drying leaves.

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These petals, remove the tube from the skewers, and the process repeats again. For lush chrysanthemums need to prepare at least 45 petals.


Ways to wrap the petals can be very different, and will depend on the form of a flower. Petals can be screwed on the pencil, twist kulechkom make calla flower – two in one.


The petals of the flower are ready for manufacturing.

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Begin to gather the petals one by one in the bunch.


Ready bunch of petals.


Cut the string length of 50 cm. And a bunch winding its petals, and tying a string to the site.


In the resulting bunch of petals to stick the sharp end of a long skewer or twig.


From the leaves of willow stipules are preparing for the flower. The leaf folded in half and cut the extra part of leaving the veins.

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Ready stipules primatyvaem from the bottom of the flower.

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Cut off the excess leaves the legs, leaving the bud 1 cm.


From corrugated paper cut the strip width of 1 cm., And winding its flower stalk.

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To ready the flower stalk can be stuck on the leaves of willow and primotat of corrugated paper.

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Ready bouquet looks great in a vase.


Variety of colors


We finished colors is desirable to lubricate the petals gently Burdock oil with a brush. The oil will soak for two days, and it will give the elasticity of the leaves, and will not change their color. You can also sprinkle chrysanthemum leaves floral special varnish.


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