How to make eyes for dolls

How to make eyes for dolls

How to make eyes for dolls

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Many are faced with the fact that to find the right size, color and type of the eye to its creation to find is not so simple.

Let’s get started.

To create the eye, we need:

1. slides (in any pet store can be found in the aquarium).

2. Brushes (you can get one, but you can take a thinner and thicker).

3. Acrylic paints.

4. palette and a little water.


I specifically take neskllko different shades of the same color to the eye look more natural and beautiful.

It is necessary to remember that working with glass is necessary to apply paint in the reverse order, and if the first is usually put a dark color, and then glare at him and lighter streaks, here we start with light streaks and pupil.

The first layer of paint always turns translucent. The iris is good, but the pupil should be deep.

To draw a pupil, you need to put a point approximately in the middle, and then brush it gradually expand.


After the first coat of paint dries, and we are convinced that both the pupil of the same size, you can apply a second layer: sparing no acrylic.


Since I plan to do in the near future two games, then I do two sets of eyes: the cat and the ordinary.

Once the pupil is dry, I begin to put the iris.

Most importantly, keep the brush from the center to the edges and do not be afraid to leave greasy smears paint.


This paint me with a pearl effect and it gives a very interesting gloss look. It is not required, and you can use just any light base paint.

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After the base paint dries, I squeeze a little acrylic on paper, in line with my ideas. Cat’s eye is green and yellow. The second pair – blue.

Cat Eye I take two shades of green and yellow:


Green cat eyes in usually only around the pupil. So bold strokes I paint over the area around the black.


I wait until the paint dries and paint nanoshu lemon:


Again, I wait and after that finish darker substrate, which I do not regret.

The main thing is to make sure that the previous layers have dried up.


This cat’s eyes are set aside, and squeeze the palette shades of blue, blue and silver paint:


I do streaks of blue. Also – from the center to the edges, thin brush, but not transparent, and that the paint could be seen:


Adding silver:


And, after drying, the three layers of paint finishes:


You’re now just wait until everything is dry and turning, to see what we’ve got.

But I got a cat’s eyes:


And it is not a cat


And the example of the use of such toys in my eyes: