How to make pottery smartphone holder with desk organize

lovely raku pottery smartphone holder with desk organiser that echoes the forms of flora and fauna of the sea. cute desk accessories to organise office stationary the phone in one awesome place. It consists of a rectangular base of 12 x 8 cm. maximum height 8 cm. also suitable for large smartphones like Galaxy note or iPhone plus. the phone and stationery items are not included, these are used for the sole purpose of illustrating the product.

the cell phone stand may have small differences in shape and colour than the picture because it is a handmade product in raku technique the phone is supported at the front by a ceramic strip and at the rear by a container which can act as a pen holder. both two sides have sinuous profiles which recall the waves. between this two support are added to the sides colourful corals which may contain pencils and pens, in addition, there is a support for a small and nice octopus with a clip behind that may support post it notes with the most important things for our business cards. phone holder can be customised without problems in the colours. in this case please contact me before purchase by writing the colours that you want.