How to make sample stitch book

Here’s the method I’ve devised to make the Take it Further Fiber Book and the two volumes of Take a Stitch Tuesday stitch sampler.
The Take it Further Fiber Book is my first fiber book ever and this is how I went about making the book.


Using running stitch I mark the ‘pages’ on the cloth. Each page has two halves or portions , one on the left and one on the right.

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The size of the portion where the embroidery stitch is done is 3.2″ x 5.75″ with a 1/2″ space between the two portions (the running stitch done with black thread) .


Each page has a line of blanket stitch done around it. The blanket stitch is the means to joining the pages.


Once a sizeable number of ‘pages’ have been completed they are cut and seperated leaving a small seam allowance of about a quarter inch or so on all four sides beyond the blanket stitch.
For The Take it Further Fiber Book I ironed fusing onto the back of each page so they are quite stiff. I’ve decided to leave out the fusing in the Take a Stitch Tuesday books because the pages are about an inch or so smaller and since two layers of fabric make-up a page, the pages are fairly stiff.


The blanket stitch along the 1/2″ portion between the left and right halves/portions of the page are not joined so that the page can fold.


Corners of pages must be matched and pinned and then the pages need to be joined, sewing and connecting blanket stitches on both pages.The left hand portion of the first page is left and you begin by joining the right hand portion of page 1 with the left hand portion of page 2. Once that’s done you join the right hand portion of page 2 with the left hand portion of page 3 and so on.
In doing this you create little pockets. If you find your page is too floppy then you could slip pieces of card paper into the pockets if you want a stiffer page.
In the Take it Further Fiber Book I used black thread to join the pages and every five or six stitches I introduced a clear seed/sugar bead. In the Take a Stitch Tuesday books I’m joining the pages with a clear plastic thread which is as fine as a single strand of hair. Not sure what the name is but it can be used on a sewing machine.


For the cover itself I used a single piece of felt which simply wraps around the book. I edged the cover with blanket stitch and embroidered the front cover and the spine portion of the book.
The left hand portion of the first page is stitched onto the inside of the front cover (visible in picture above) and the right hand portion of the last page is stitched onto the inside of the back cover.


The ‘pages’ are joined to the cover only on the inside of the front cover and the inside of the back cover. They aren’t stitched or connected to the cover on the spine section of the cover.

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