How to make voluminous ponytail in 2 minutes

voluminous ponytail in 2 minutes

Want a longer, thicker ponytail? Watch this video to learn an easy trick you can do with your hair to get a longer/thicker looking ponytail in minutes.

We’re sure everyone knows how to wear a ponytail but do you’ll know how to keep it looking fuller and voluminous all day long? Ponytail hairstyles look even better with a lot of volumes and that’s exactly what hairstylist, Shalini Samuel shows you in this video – An easy trick to instantly amp up your ponytail and make it appear fuller.

This is also a great way to style limp or second-day hair without any effort. After all, you can never go wrong with a “fluffy” ponytail, can you? So try out this trick and let us know if you liked it!