How to mix and match a kundan set for wedding

kundan set for wedding

Kundan set can go with almost any outfit. They look rich and sophisticated, and the trend nowadays demands Kundan jewelry to be a part of your bridal look. So what’s stopping you to wear a Kundan set in your functions?

Kundan Set

A Kundan set is the absolutely perfect jewelry to complete your look on your special day. The intricate making, the extraordinary designs, and the blinding shine make a kundan set the right pick for you to wear. Its designs found from the royal houses of Rajasthan and Gujarat make you look like royalty yourself. The designs take hard work to complete, and its finished product is absolutely worth the patience.

Kundan Set

Kundan jewelry is made with glass pieces embedded into a gold frame. This type of jewelry does not use precious gems in its setting usually, though sometimes pearls or other semi-precious stones can be used as danglers in a kundan set.

1. A Good Kundan Set

Kundan Set

Though there is nothing like a bad kundan set, there are certain things that make some kundan jewelry sets stand above the rest. A good kundan set is a one that does not overwhelm your whole look. As sometimes good jewelry can do that, but a kundan set should never take attention away from you as a bride. It should definitely attract attention, but away from other people not from the bride.

Kundan jewelry can be any type of jewelry, kundan can be work can be found in necklaces, in earrings, rings, Maang tikkas, Naths and many more types of jewelry. You are spoilt for choice when choosing what type of jewelry, you want to wear.

Kundan Set

You can pick heavy necklaces and a big choker if you want your kundan jewelry to have a heavy impact, these can be paired with earrings of kundan and even a Maang tikka, making it a whole Kundan set for you to wear. The best part about this jewelry is that it does not look out of place especially on your wedding day when you have to be fully decked up. Though if you want something lighter in kundan you can take a simple long necklace or just kundan earrings. There are several gorgeous Nathni’s too that come with light kundan work on them. The number of kundan items you pick is your choice since kundan jewelry usually looks heavy, it is a good idea to go for fewer items if you do not want a heavy look on you.

2. How To Get Kundan Jewellery To Work Together

Kundan Set

You usually can get kundan sets, if you want all your jewelry to be the same standard look. Still, if you want to spice up your jewelry you can find kundan jewelry made with different kind of motif designs that can go with each other. Kundan items also can have, a precious or semi-precious stone hanging on it. You can always match your jewelry accordingly if you do not want to go for a whole kundan set. Like a kundan necklace with pearl, danglers would match well with, a set of pearl earrings. Similarly, it can be matched with rubies and emeralds too.

3. Matching The Kundan Set To Your Outfits

Kundan Set

The outstanding part about kundan sets is that it goes with almost all outfits. The bright, colorless stones, match with anything you can come up with, but if you want them to look like a part of your outfit you can go for then kundan sets are also available with a colored stone setting. These come in traditional colors like pink, blue, red etc. and would go with outfits superbly. Also, the cut of your blouse needs to be kept in mind while matching the jewelry to your outfits. Like, long kundan necklaces would look marvelous with short collar blouses.

4. Match Your Kundan Sets To Your Theme

Kundan Set

Kundan sets come in such a variety of designs and sizes that you don’t need much brain power to match them to your theme of the day. With the ever-evolving range of designs you have in the market now, you can wear a contemporary modern-day design to your Bollywood themed reception, or even a very traditional design of kundan set for a wedding befitting royalty.

Kundan jewelry though needs highly skilled laborers, it is still not as expensive as it could be, as it uses glass instead of uncut diamonds in its setting. This makes it a piece of more favorable jewelry to wear as it comes well within the budget.

Kundan Set

Also, whatever the stones used for setting, glass, diamond or any other semi-precious stone, kundan jewelry gives the wearer a regal look that not all jewelry sets can.

courtesy: weddingwire

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