How to sew the original chinese bag

original chinese bag

Let’s see the craft-class of sewing this wonderful bag, which was placed by a Japanese craftswoman

You will need two cuts of fabric, which are combined with their own color scheme. . Ideally, if one cut is monophonic in the color of the fragments of staining the first cut of the fabric.

Sew them from the wrong side and turn them out. It turned out a sort of wired pillowcase.


We stack the opposite corners.

Approximately, we will add this triangle in this form. By folding the lower corners in such a way that you determine the size of the bend of the upper part, which must be fixed on the typewriter, retreating a centimeter from the fold so that you can then pass the lace.

bend the corners and sew them separately on the sewing machine, retreating a centimeter from the fold.

on each side of the corners of the bend we start the line on the sewing machine to the lower base, perpendicular to

And now add the corners in this way. I hope you understand this . The ends of the main triangle are stacked upward, getting a diamond.

Bend at the resulting diamond rhombus Get a pocket

Sew a button.

Similarly comes with the opposite angle. Sew a self-made flower on the center of the connections.

Fold the diamond in half, filling the second part of the diamond on the back.

This is a view from the underside

It remains to sew these wonderful tulips. Sew the inside of the fabric from the inside, turn it out, bend the upper edge inward and cross-fold it together, fix it with a needle and sew a bead.

It remains to pass a string with original tulips on the ends

The bag is ready

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