Innovative cutwork blouse designs for silk sarees

cutwork blouse designs

Every bride wants to look distinctive and classy on the wedding day. Outfits play a vital role in a bride’s attire has it is the sole way to showcase beauty. This results in different styles and patterns of bridal wear like lehenga choli for receptions, heavy designer blouse designs, and unique pattu sarees.

When it comes to bridal designer blouses, the first thing pops up in our mind is cutwork blouses. There are different styles and patterns in cutwork blouses which stands unique in its own way. In this article, we are going to see some of the different types of cutwork blouse designs for pattu sarees.

19. Floral cutwork designer blouse
This kind of blouse takes around 5 to 10 days to design as there are many intricate designs used in this blouse. The cutwork is embossed with a blue shade in the bottom. The leaf and other flower motifs are designed using beat chains. This peacock green silk blouse matched well for dark shades of blue.

cutwork blouseBeads cutwork blouse design
Every blouse is designed based on the theme of the saree, if your saree is a box themed then you can go with this design style. The neckline of the blouse is designed with Kundan stones and golden beads. The cutwork design is used in the sleeves of the blouse and it is highlighted with small golden beads. As the sleeve takes major attention, the body of the blouse is given a four-beat combination design. This may look simple but when it is worn along with the saree, you will definitely look stunning. cutwork blouseCoin Cut work blouse design
Coins cutwork blouses are the latest trending bridal blouse designs preferred by today’s bride. The cutwork in this blouse is big square cutwork which is embossed with zardosi works. cutwork blouseParrot cutwork blouse design
This type of parrot embedded blouse design is enhanced with floral and leaf motifs. As gold goes well for red the flowers and leaf are designed in golden shades both in back and front of the blouse. cutwork blouseSimple cut work blouse design
This is a different type of cutwork blouse with all shapes in it. The outer shape is a sphere with diamond shapes covered in the circle surface. This latest cutwork blouse design will best match for pattu sarees. You can choose either sheer type or closed type blouse design of your wish. cutwork blouseLatest cutwork blouse design
If you prefer to wear a simple yet elegant blouse for your silk saree then you can go with this type of cutwork blouses. The cutwork is carried only in the back neck of the blouse in a square design. pearls are used to enhance the design of the blouse as it will give a pleasant look along with green shade. Zardosi work is implemented in this blouse design to match well with the white pearls. cutwork blouseAbstract cutwork blouse design
The style of cutwork used in this blouse is center big circle cutwork which implies more intricate designs in it. The design in this minute designs with small flower motifs. The design flows only through the center of the blouse and shoulder arm of the sleeve. This heavy designer cutwork blouse is given an elbow sleeve which can be matched up with light shades of pattu silk sarees.

cutwork blousePeacock motif cutwork blouse
This light leaf shade heavy work peacock embroidered motif with intricate cutwork designs is very eye catchy and attractive. The style pattern is also implied in the sleeves of the blouse. The cutwork in the blouse resembles the open peacock feathers which are highlighted with Kundan stones and beat chain works. Golden and green shades silk sarees matches well for this heavy cutwork blouse design. cutwork blouseSquare cutwork blouse design
This is one type of simple cutwork blouse design but the work involves intricate work. Generally, a cutwork blouse is designed by cutting away the material and reinforced to fill it up with embroidery designs. The designs are framed by handwork using needlework techniques. cutwork blouseBird cutwork designer blouse
The simple cut in the back of the blouse resembles a baya weaver. The cutwork in this blouse is a bunch of leaf motifs with more detailing in it. On the other part, an embroidery elephant design is embedded. Each cutwork blouse is unique in its own way. cutwork blouse Cutwork embroidery blouse design
We always prefer something innovative in all the things we do, the same as in attire we wear. The cutwork we have seen so far is done in the back of the neck but in this blouse, the cutwork embroidery design is styled in the edge of the elbow sleeve of the blouse. The blouse is given a simple boat neck with heavy attention in the sleeves. The sheer sleeve is designed with zardozi and color threads to enhance its beauty. cutwork blouseSheer sleeve cutwork blouse
You can even style your silk saree blouse with this pattern. This is something new and trending cutwork design. A heavy zari work pattu saree can be matched up with this stylish sheer cutwork blouse which gives you both classy and elegant look. You can use the style it up with simple jewelry sets. cutwork blouseHeavy cutwork blouse design
If you are looking for a heavy work bridal designer blouse then you can opt for this design style. The cutwork involves in this blouse design is very intricate and minute handworks with embroidered designs. A perfect cutwork blouse like this takes more than a month to design. cutwork blouseElephant design cutwork blouse
The blouse design resembles that two elephants are owing at the entrance of a giant barrier. The design style in this cutwork involves minute thread works and white stones at random places. cutwork blouseHorse themed cutwork blouse design
This is another theme-based cutwork blouse design. The embroidered horse design with checked box cutwork is something new style of box patterns. The horse in the design is styled with threads and stone works. cutwork blouseParrot cage cutwork blouse
Embedding birds, floral motifs in a blouse design is common but going on with a theme is something very interesting. You can match it up with a white or golden shade silk sarees to get a royal and pleasant look. cutwork blouseBhaarat style cutwork designer blouse
Bhaarat cutwork blouse designs are one of the latest trendings bridal blouse design. There are different patterns in bhaarat cutworks like temple designs, pallakku, goddess designs and many more. If you want a storytelling and innovative style then you can go with this style of blouse design. cutwork blouseLotus cutwork blouse design
The general sleeve cutwork zardozi is designed with beads lotus flower motif in it. The lotus flower in the center of the cutwork adds essence to the overall sleeve of the blouse. Another area of the sleeve is covered with emerald-like stones and golden beads. cutwork blouseFloral cutwork blouse design
In general, a simple cutwork design takes more than a week to complete, a design like this is very intricate and takes a longer time. The design might look simple but the work involves needs minute detailing. The floral cutwork of this blouse is given an embossed effect which enhances the beauty of the flower. cutwork blouse

All the cutwork blouse designs shared in this article are exclusive and unique from each other. Try out any of this design for your special occasion and share your favorite cutwork blouse in the comment box.

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