Kitty bead for girls

Kitty bead for girls

Kitty bead for girls

Cutie Kitty decades inspires people, young and old a thrill and emotion. It seems that none of the small woman of fashion will not abandon the charming jewelry set with the legendary cat. In turn, the mother, whose hands are often “gold” will not refuse to do for my daughter cute accessories.
It’s just see for yourself.


Print or redraw the kitty. The size should match the size of the future of the finished product. This example shows a brooch and a pair of zakolochek.

Note that zakolochek kitten faces reduced to a few more millimeters – this ensures the existence of organic decorations inside the image.

To put the pattern on the fabric, you can prick with a needle along the contours of the paper, to impose pattern on the fabric and through holes as if wet marker.

Next, we perform the beadwork, first drawing the border, and then the inner filling.


The second layer – sintepon.


Then leather or leather. All layers necessarily sizing.


And then sew them. Essentially seam “over the edge” Only with the inclusion of the beads


Be sure to grab the thread element clip Clip for reliability. And on top brooch can make loops of beads to wear it as a pendant and more.

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