Latest designs of gold bangles in india

gold bangles in india

Indeed, every woman does love bangles and perhaps, Indian women more so. Bangles uniquely define the culture and the heritage of India. Called by various names as Chudiyan, Kangan, Valla or Valayal. bangles are an integral part of an Indian Woman’s attire. These are rather traditional jewelry and preferred to be worn in pairs. Indian weddings are incomplete without gold bangles. The bride is not alone seen wearing beautiful bangles if gold but, the guests present to flaunt with theirs with pride. A rich history of tradition and culture are attached to these items of fashion and tradition.

Gold Bangles in India

Amongst the different types of pieces of jewelry are worn by women, the gold plated bangles are the most prominent variety of jewelry that is sold out today. The use of bangles can be traced back with the ancient period, as it is one of the most traditional pieces of jewelry used by women and it will be adorned during the weddings and other similar functions. As a symbol of prosperity and happiness, gold, a gift for a bride is always gifted gold jewelry by her parents for her wedding. Some of the guests will also bring this very expensive and beautiful gift. Considering how gold and diamond bangles are the high-end jewelry in terms of pricing, the essential need to wear gold bangles and its entry into the fashion world has ever only increased its wearable value. Wide around the country, these beauties are worn by women several times to signify matrimony or simply to flaunt an ethnic look.

Gold Bangles Designs For Daily Use:
Here, you will get the details of the latest gold bangles designs are as follows.

1. Era Uncut Diamond Gold Bangle:

Gold Bangles in India

Era Uncut Diamond Gold Bangle for women has a variety of styles that depend on the ages and it will be a perfect gold accessory for your wardrobe. It gives a casual look and stylish attire. Each and every block of the stones are coated with the gold medal. This is the best choice for your bangle collection as well as suitable to give a traditional look.

2. Stylish Kerala Gold Bangle:

Gold Bangles in India

Stylish Kerala gold bangles are simple and yet striking ones as these bangles are subtly glamorous and are an eye-catching accessory to wear for ethnic celebrations. On wearing this bangle, your hands will have never felt happier than to be adorned by this winsome pair of gold bangles. Through this bangle, you can explore for the more attractive outfit.

3. Gold Emerald Bangles:

Gold Bangles in India

This gold emerald bangle has a classic design with a modern look and wearing this with casual outfits and party wears will be a perfect match. If you’re searching for a unique look bangles design in gold, then you can choose this green colored bangle with emerald gems. This bangle will be worn by teens as this will gives the stylish look which gives an elegant appearance.

4. Uncut Bangle With Ruby Stones:

Gold Bangles in India

Uncut bangle with Ruby stones is the best choice for the wedding collection as this bangle was designed with a complex design which gives the perfect look for any kind of occasion. Wearing this bangle will match all your casual and formal suits. No matter, how the style is, this ruby stone bangle will be damn unique from that of other bangle collections.

5. Trendy Ornate Bride Gold Bangles:

Gold Bangles in India

Trendy Ornate Bride Gold Bangles in gold is of a new style that suits women of all age. Wearing this bangle will make every outfit perfect giving a pretty and fairer look. This bangle made of gold can be worn by all easily. This is a light weighted type and easy wearable that can be worn by women for any occasion.

6. Red & Green Enameled Daily Wear Gold Bangles:

Gold Bangles in India

Wearing Red and green Enameled bangle will be a trendy twist to your everyday bangles making a magical difference in your day to day life. The simple elegance of this sophisticated pair will not need any description as the design itself speaks out its traits.

7. Stone Studded Mayur Peacock Gold Bangle:

Gold Bangles in India

These bangles look lovely designed in the classic traditional design thereby making your wrists twinkle and sparkle with this gold bangle for that extra glow. Through the online sites, you can get this bangle that makes you more beautiful. Peacock designs are available as single bangle and kada bangle which can be chosen depending upon the choice of the wearer’s. Of all the designs, a stone studded design was the most awesome designs liked by all people.

8. Gold Plated Twin Peacock Design Kada:

Gold Bangles in India

This gold plated twin peacock design kada bangle can be made up with highly polished gold rings and three rows of pearl will furnish appeal and shine. This peacock bangle is a great choice for the fashionable and trendy gift to your closest person. This bangle made of gold and pearl will give the feminine and elegant look to the woman who wears it thus giving a trendier look than other collections.

9. Designer Rope Offices Wear Bangles:Gold Bangles in India

Today, Indian women were very crazed wearing the new trends of bangles especially the one that is made of gold. Women, especially the office going working persons also prefer to have these bangles which sets them in a trendy way of fashion. For such people, this designer rope office wear bangles will be the apt choice as this will not disturb them with their design made from the simple antique collection.

10. Maroon Enameled Kada Bangle:

Gold Bangles in India

Gold bangles are found in different exciting shapes and designs and amongst all, the maroon enameled Kada bangles which have maroon color stones embedded in the gold gives an elegant look and best suits for bridal outfits and functional wears like sarees. Kada is a traditional Indian design which has a larger width compared to that of normal bangles. The petal-shaped stonework adds an extra flavor which impresses the peoples who look at it.

11. Antique Gold Bangle:

Gold Bangles in India

The antique jewellery is that whose design is 50 years old; they are called the real treasures and have more value than others. It gives a classy look to all walks of life. The bangle has three different sized gold balls arranged neatly to give a glittery antique look. It will have a more effective look when with a set of antique ornaments and traditional outfits.

12. The Traditional Gold Bengali Bangle:

Gold Bangles in India

The Bengali bangle is a symbol of tradition with the red beads at the end. These bangles are worn in olden days by Bengali bride on their marriage occasion. This sculptures present in bangles are evident in all facets of life. They are half cut in the center which makes them cost-effective and comfortable to wear.

13. Bangle Studded With Rubies:

Gold Bangles in India

The bangle with rubies embedded floral design on the top has a unique style. It has premium quality and elegant look with a fine finish of gold carvings which is a vivacious and divine piece of jewelry that is described to everyone. It is best suited to present an anniversary gift that “blazed like fire”.

14. Gold AD Stone Bangles:

Gold Bangles in India

The AD stone bangles have a trendy look which has two rows of diamond stones embedded on each side with a pink colored stone embedded in the middle and these three rows are connected with a small strip of gold. It is more fashionable and can be worn with all kinds of outfits from traditional to trendy outfits.

15. Gold Kappu Style Bangles:

Gold Bangles in India

The kappu is the traditional mark of south India, Zamindars and important personals of the village as they consider this as their dignity. It has a lion-shaped clasp which gives a majestic look and it is half cut since it is hard enough not to be bent, the lustrous metal gives an elite look with traditional sarees of south India.

16. Gold Single Antique With Lakshmi Motif Design:

Gold Bangles in India

One of the most widely demanded bangles is the antique bangles. It is quite rare to find some of the traditional patterns by skilled artisans. This bangle design is adjustable one and in Centre of the bangle, Lakshmi motif is located. In ancient days, there was hope like getting this Lakshmi motif will give them a lot of money to the holding people home.

17. Diamond Gold Bangles:

Gold Bangles in IndiaBangles are found in different designs and patterns. Apart from the other design, these diamond gold bangles are available in exciting shapes. Gold bangles are widely worn by women’s during wedding ceremonies and other functions. This bangle design can be decorated and enameled with silver color that gives a modern look

18. Floral Bangle Design:Gold Bangles in India


Some of the bangles are studded with semi-precious stones such as diamonds, rubies, and topaz. This golden floral bangle design can be widely worn by the young age girls for the reason of their fashion and trendy look. This design consists of seven flower collection with even edges. If you’re interested in worn simple design bangle means, make sure that this bangle is a perfect match for your collections.

19. Traditional Bangle Design Of Chinese:Gold Bangles in India


Traditional style bangle patterns are never fading from the fashion arena. There are two types of traditional bangles. It also includes precious stones such as emeralds and rubies. Most of the women prefer to wear this traditional bangle as it suits different colored outfit. This Chinese traditional bangle with Chinese text should be quoted on the outside of the bangle. This is a perfect gift for the wedding collection.

20. Wedding Collection:Gold Bangles in India


Wearing of bangles continues to be a vibrant tradition throughout India. Each and every bangle holds its own significance. This wedding collection bangle can be designed with bolded design and the top side of the bangle has the closer design and it fully designed with gold material that gives the unique and traditional look.

21. Clear White Zirconia Crystal Bangle:

Gold Bangles in India


The clear white zirconia crystal bangle is a most beautiful one as it will be mostly used for party wore; this type of gold bangles design is the naturally fashionable one to match with sarees and salwar. These latest gold bangles design is different ones which can be used on different occasions. When this bangle is worn with a combination of glass bangles, it looks attractive.

22. Golf Bangles With Butterfly Design:

Gold Bangles in India


Gold bangles with butterfly designs are usually a new one too worn on occasions, these type of bangle is attracted girls who like a butterfly. The normal gold bangles design is old style, but now the young people are used to worn different styles of gold bangles such as butterfly designs.

23. Pink Stone Cartwheel Bangle:Gold Bangles in India


The bangle has three circular wheel-shaped design studded with pink stone and it has a simple and elegant look which suits for day to day wearable and daily use. Three different sized stones make a pleasant look and feel in the hand.

24. Love Bangle Design:Gold Bangles in India


This bangle collection is suitable for simple sarees and other modern designs. These are the graceful designs and luxurious looking when compared with other design. This will give a royal and a vintage look to the person who wears it alongside exhibiting the skill of the craftsman. This bangle is decorated with two color stones and it’s like a bracelet model. Make sure that, this is a perfect gift for your lovable persons.

25. Queen Of Heaven Bangles:

Gold Bangles in India

This queen of heaven bangle is specially made for the girls and women’s those who want their look too gorgeous than other girls. This is a perfect gift for anniversary, birthday or for any wedding proposal. These are available in numerous designs, shapes and sizes giving ample of options to choose the best bangles.

Gold ornaments are worn by women to accentuate their beauty and elegance. The wearing of bangles continues to be a vibrant tradition throughout India. From ancient times till today, the significance of bangles was deep-rooted within the Indian cultures and traditions. Today, the trendy technology has made it possible to buy gold bangles design online too. Hence, if you are a proud one to surprise your loved one with this most exquisite, go for online shopping and there will be a piece waiting to be picked up for all. Today, and in particular when you are getting for the very first time. Remember to take the help of your beloved ones so that you can get 100% unique one that will be very special for you.

However, while doing online shopping for latest gold bangles designs, remember to check for all the certifications and marks that are very necessary for gold and diamond jewelry. In case, if you buy a gold bangle with diamond stones, ensure that along with BIS 916 Hallmark that is proof of the purity if the gold and try to get the certification for the diamond also which will ensure that there is no loss of money.

These are not only serving to enhance the beauty of a woman but, also they are many more than just simple accessories that adorn the wrist.

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