How to make flower panels

flower panels

How to make flower panels for your wall decoration

These are some creative flower panels make by the 1st-grade pupils from the Yordan Yovkov school, Tutrakan. Their teacher is Rumyana Angelova.

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Things you need to do wall decoration:

  • Old cardboard
  • Scissors/ Cutter
  • Plastic wrap
  • Tape
  • Flowers

You just follow the below five steps:


  • To cut the required size frames from old cardboard boxes; use a cutter or scissors


  • Then cover the frames with plastic wrap that covered side of the frame will be kept as back of the frame as shown on the image; fasten with scotch tape


  • Then arrange the flowers as your creative thoughts


  • cover once again with plastic wrap on the flowers; use scotch tape to fasten /tied the flowers


  • you can either color the frames for extra decoration or leave them in the original brown color!


Now, Beautiful wall decoration is ready …..

This idea will help your kids are happy and it improves their creative knowledge.


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