How to make a peacock feather bib necklace

By posted on March 2, 2018 8:02AM
peacock feather bib necklace
We all have the different type of ornaments. But here I am introducing a new and original ornament creation. Now we are going to make a necklace by peacock feather. Let’s start.
peacock feather bib necklace
What you need:
Five or six peacock feathers
A piece of felt
Tacky glue
Length of leather cord (or something for the chain)
Jewelry clasp
Gather your feathers and cut them down around the “eye”
peacock feather bib necklace
Glue the stem of the feather to a piece of felt. By doing this step it makes it easier to combine all of the individual feathers. If you don’t glue them separately to a piece of felt first(in my experience) the feathers will clump up with glue.
peacock feather bib necklace
Arrange your feathers in the pattern you would like. Remember you are going to cut it into a bib shape, so it doesn’t have to be perfect. Glue each feather in place.
peacock feather bib necklace
I cut a length of skinny leather cord, measured around my neck how long I wanted it and then glued the length of the cord on the back of the large felt piece. Covered the cord with another piece of felt to secure it in place.
peacock feather bib necklace
Tied the ends of my leather cord to jump rings on both sides.
peacock feather bib necklace
peacock feather bib necklace
Thank You for your attention.

courtesy: howtogal

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