How to make phone charging holder


How to make phone charging holder

This tutorial helps you to make phone charging holder

Just specify that a bottle from under the shampoo was small, and the slot for the plug did not have enough height, but the hand was nothing else. If someone wants to repeat, take note of this.

phone charging holder

Prepare a bottle (wash, strip off the labels, degreasing)

holder (2)

Cut stationery knife front.

holder (3)

Decorate with what was left of it to your liking.

holder (4)

Apply acrylic paint (black)

holder (5)

Then, sponge-gold.

holder (6)

Glue rhinestones and make a hole for the stud (in my version)

holder (7)

Well, something like this. With hole to plug it would be better, but also so convenient enough.

cabinet (18)