How to make seashell peacock

seashell peacock
Today I am sharing another kids craft,  a seashell peacock…
seashell peacock
Materials Needed:
Blue, dark blue, orange, white, and black play-dough
Scallop seashell
Blue, yellow, and green paint
Paint brush
2 cotton tips
seashell peacock
How to Make Seashell Peacocks:
Paint the shell with a coat of white paint. Allow drying completely before you paint on the feathers.
While the paint is drying on the shell, roll the blue play-dough into a smooth ball.
Roll out the white play-dough evenly. Push a pen lid into the play-dough to make two small flat circles.
To make the black pupils, roll and flatten the black play-dough. I used the end of a piping bag nozzle to make the small circles.
Lightly push the black circles onto the white circles.
To finish the eye, take a small amount of white play-dough and roll it into a ball. Gently press it onto the black circle.
Roll the orange playdough into a smooth ball. Flatten one side and mold the other side into a beak.
Push the beak and eyes onto the blue ball of play-dough to make the peacock’s head.
Roll another blue ball of play-dough to make the peacock’s body. Flatten the ball slightly so it forms a cylinder.
Flatten the back of the body. I used the seashell to do this.
With your index finger, make a small divot in the peacock’s body for the head to sit on.
To make the crust on top of the head, roll three small balls of playdough. Make each one by rolling them into a cylindrical shape and squeezing the bottom of the cylinder to make a tear drop shape. Lightly flatten them with your finger.
I used a skewer to make a small indent on top of the head. Carefully push the feathers into the indent to make the peacock’s crest.
seashell peacock
courtesy: craftymorning