How to make soft toy

This crow-Obzhorka I sewed for the 10-month-old son. He is everywhere all the pulls and throws. Now we will learn to add various little things in your mouth crow. I have long got accustomed to such toys in a Japanese magazine. And finally she sewed herself. Raven turned omnivorous. And he loves vegetables and cheesecake, and even sandwiches.

soft toy

The crow’s mouth can be folded food does not fit a lot – she hollow belly. In the legs, I put on the cylinder designer, put inside a couple of buttons. Legs turned into a rattle.

soft toy

Bow can be removed, turn the boy-crow.

soft toy

He loves to eat, too.

soft toy

The back and the tail there.

soft toy

The eldest daughter is already chosen by a new toy.

soft toy

And since this all began – Foam frame tummy.

soft toy

Вот такая емкость получилась.


Try on the head and legs. All the interior of foam – paws, tail, wings, beak.


Pattern I did myself, so I can not promise that everything will converge perfectly. As I mentioned in a joke – to modify a file :). These contours carved frame made of foam rubber, the outer cover on them, only to SEAM. Inside it was necessary to do less, but I did the same. And a hole for the mouth undermined already in place.