Manufacture of the pendant in the technique of filigree

Manufacture of the pendant in the technique of filigree

Manufacture of the pendant in the technique of filigree

I want to share my method of manufacture of the pendant in the technique of filigree. This topic is most often present in my work, and I want to show you how to make a pendant.


Materials needed:

– polymer clay;

– Glue;

– Stack with balls;

– Rhinestones;

– Setting;

– Needle;

– Knife that we cut the clay.


First we need to prepare the emerald color of polymer clay. To do this, we mix black, green, and then add a little blue.


I added a little blue, so do not overdo it. It gradually came to the desired shade.


Once we have made the right emerald color, take the setting, grease the bottom with glue and fill it with polymer clay. Fill carefully and evenly to nowhere in extra holes and bumps, the surface must be flat and sloping.

Then her finger and wipes remove fingerprints continue to align the surface. After a damp cloth on the clay can remain small villi following this, that they were not.

Then, around the middle or in any other place where you will enjoy the stack with the ball making a recess in which we then paste in rhinestones.

Prepare future petals. From clay Kata thin sausage and cut it into small pieces about the same.


Kata pieces into elongated petals and are putting a needle about rhinestone around, to get the flower.


Next we create another flower, but of a different color.

8 (1)

Add one more flower and curls. Now we have to add the leaves.


After I added swirls leaves, a pair of small flowers and a needle made a dot pattern. Pendant is almost ready.

Sending pendant Bake in the oven for 15 minutes. at 110 degrees.


While pendant is baked, you can drink tea and watch the new work 🙂

After baking accessories we catch it – pendant can be worn to give and work to please others!



Completed! Do not forget that the work is very important and orderly personality 🙂 Try using a different pattern, a different color combination, and you are sure to get something different and very beautiful.

Thank you, good luck in the works!


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