Marathi bridal look in traditional saree

Marathi bridal

Maharashtra has long bee famous for Bollywood and fashion. Maharashtra is the most fashion-forward state in the country. Everyone here in Maharashtra is much more well versed in fashion than anyone else from pan India. So how could the Marathi brides lag behind. They look forward to the latest fashion to adorn their special day with great memories. Thus, it becomes very important for a Marathi bride to choose the best and latest designer wedding attire.

The wedding attire requires attention but one must not forget the other elements of a wedding ensemble. The jewelry, hair accessories, makeup, etc. All must be given equal importance. The most important part is to make all the elements coordinated. If the attire is not coherent with other elements, all the fashion sense can go down the drain because even though the individual pieces may look awesome but when put together they might not look great.

Marathi bridal look
1. Marathi bridal look in paithani saree

Marathi bridal look

Marathi brides choose to stick to their traditional and ethnic attire for the d-day by wearing classic silk saree. The bride has elegantly draped the emerald green paithani saree with a contrasting magenta kanjivaram blouse. The golden floral motifs on the pallu of the beautiful kanjivaram saree amplify the beauty of the plain emerald green saree giving it a Royal touch. Golden embroidery on the neckline of the blouse perfectly suits the ensemble.

The golden choker and the long-chain with round pendant gives the elegant look to the bride. The compilation of all the three colors of the attire in glass bangles grants the perfect aesthetics effect. The whole attire has been marvelously completed with the typical Marathi style Nath and characteristic Marathi half moon bindi. Combine it with light makeup and high rise bun. It is one of the best Marathi bridal looks in saree.

2. Maharashtrian bridal look in traditional saree

Marathi bridal look

The Marathi bride impeccably carriers the traditional look. The Marathi bride confidently carries the contrasting combination of a blue saree and a magenta blouse. The saree is beautifully furnished with blossoming lotus motifs embroidered in golden thread and magenta border.

Also, magenta-colored shawl in elegant golden floral button work in weaving wrapped around the arms of the bride gives a classy and sophisticated look. Contrasting green glass bangles magnificently magnify the beauty of the overall look. The bride wears the opulent golden choker cum triple pendant necklace. The silver Payal and mundavalya complement to the beauty of the Marathi bride. Complete the entire by wearing golden jhumkas, Marathi Nath. Wear small earrings with the look and pull your hair up in a messy bun.

3. The elegant Marathi bride wedding look

Marathi bridal look

This sexy Marathi bride look is the perfect combination of beauty and elegance. This beautiful bridal look is perfected to the nines. The beautiful eye makeup is fun and provides dynamism to the bridal look. The bright yellow and green combination of the saree is truly a winner. The beautiful purple and golden embroidery on the saree looks delectable.

The saree is beautifully paired with gem based jewelry and light makeup. The kohl-rimmed eyes call for attention. The ensemble has added beauty with the traditional jewelry and bright lip color. Wear your hair up in a messy bun. The henna clad hands add maturity to the overall look. The traditional Marathi Nath and crescent moon bindi are the signatures of the Marathi bride.

4. The royal touch look for the Marathi brides

Marathi bridal look

This is a mature take on the bridal attire. The beautiful henna green saree is optimally paired with a deep shade of maroon shawl. The ensemble emanates a royal vibe. The borders of the saree and the blouse are beautifully embroidered with handiwork. The shawl boasts of beautiful golden embroidered motifs and borders. The rich ensemble is paired with the best gold jewelry.

The Marathi Nath and the headband radiate the traditional perseverance. The makeup is on point with dark lip color and a small bindi. The enriching henna patterns on the hands of the beautiful bride combined with the green bangles beautifully compliment the look. Wear your hair up in a bun. And for the finishing touches, you can add floral hair accessories.

5. The beautiful Marathi bride

Marathi bridal look

This rich magenta-colored bridal saree is beautifully adorned with golden handiwork. The beautiful saree is made of silk. The beautiful bride looks great beaming in the beautiful ensemble. The attire is beautifully paired up with henna enriched hands and beautiful matching bangles with golden kadas. You can even add rings to your bridal wear.

The matha Patti is made in two strings and adds more beauty to the look. Owing to the bright shade of the saree, the makeup is kept fresh and clear with bright lip color and optimum eye makeup to suit the occasion. The hair is tied up in a bun with the side parting in the front. The side parting is made beautiful with layers. The bun is beautifully adorned with floral hair accessories. You can add gold jewelry to compliment the golden handiwork on the saree.

6. The bright blue saree look for Marathi brides

Marathi bridal look

This is a very unique color as the bridal wear. People generally move towards the reds and the pinks while choosing their bridal attire. This bright blue saree is a great choice. It is unique. The silver handiwork stands out for good reasons. The beautiful silk saree is beautifully adorned with silver thread work.

The look is very well complimented by the minimalistic jewelry. The light makeup lets the bright electric blue saree take the center stage. The matha Patti in pearls goes well with the ensemble. The hair is tied up in a bun with the hair swept to sides on the front. the bun is beautifully adorned with gajra. The dark and rich henna designs on the hands and feet of the bride compliment the complete bridal look very well.

7. The traditional look for Marathi brides

Marathi bridal look

This bright red saree is a true stunner. The beautiful saree is embroidered in beautiful motifs. the borders of the saree are beautifully carved out in handiwork. The silk saree is very well paired with a silk blouse with beautiful embroidery on the sleeves and a back cut adorned with Dori and latkan.

The arms of the bride are covered with beautiful mehndi designs and red and gold bangles. Gold jewelry will be an awesome choice to wear with this beautiful ensemble. You can go with a no makeup, makeup look with a bright red lip color. Wear your hair up in a bun with some hair accessories and some hair pulled out at the front as flicks.

8. The hot pink bride look for Marathi brides

Marathi bridal look

This hot pink bridal attire goes well with a contagious smile. The beautiful pink attire is paired with gold jewelry. The jewelry is kept minimalistic. The matha Patti in pears and the traditional Marathi Nath add the traditional touch to the beautiful look. the hair is rolled up in layer and tied into a beautiful fuller bun. The bun is adorned with a gajra. The makeup is kept light with proper preparation of the skin prior to the wedding. The makeup is kept on a lighter shade with a hot pink lip color. This beautiful bride’s favorite accessory is her big smile which she wears every time.

9. The royal and elegant Marathi bride look

Marathi bridal look

This regal blend of colors makes this bridal attire a great choice. This emerald green saree is very well complimented with a maroon border and a maroon blouse with buffed sleeves. The border of the saree is lined with a beautiful golden workpiece. The blouse has a heart neckline. The choice of jewelry with this attire is great. The big gold kadas and the baaju bandh are great accessories to choose from. The number of necklaces gives this ensemble an added dimension. The beautiful crescent moon bindi and the Marathi mugil Nath are the true traditional symbols. The earrings of the bride are straight out from history. The hair is tied up in a bun with the hair rolled up at the front. The hair is adorned with beautiful floral accessories. This bridal look reminds me of some princess getting married.

10. The beautiful look for Marathi brides

Marathi bridal look

This pink and purple combination attire is a true beauty. This ensemble is eye-soothing and is truly a fashion element. The beautiful pink saree boasts of purple borders with gold handiwork. The pink and purple attire is very well combined with the green and golden bangles set. The jewelry is meticulously chosen. The beautiful broad Kamar bandh is an added beauty. The maang tikka and the beautiful rani style earrings add fresh air to the Marathi bride style. The traditional Marathi Natha and the crescent moon bindi are at the core of every Marathi bride look. The light makeup look goes very well with this pink and purple ensemble. The hair is beautifully rolled up in layers ending in a heavy and fuller bun. The henna designs are a cherry on the top. This bridal look is an ever favorite

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