Cutwork blouses are so beautiful. It is so intricate and takes so much effort and craftsmanship to make a gorgeous cutwork blouse. We have seen intricate patterns like floral patterns, paisleys and things like that. The recent cutwork to capture all eyes is the mesh style cutwork. Mesh style cutwork blouses are unique because of the placement of the cutwork and the multiple additions that can be done to it.

Basic mesh style cutwork blouses have this unique craftsmanship on the sleeves. To try this style you need to opt for a longer sleeve length and have the mesh sleeve cutwork in parts of sleeves. You can choose the area from 1 or 2 inches below shoulder length to above the elbow. This is a pattern which is loved and can be easily replicated even for bridal blouses.

The next style option for mesh style cutwork blouses are the full sleeve in mesh cutwork and you can do this with same color mesh or maybe try that with a different color too. One such beautiful blouse is sported by Pooja Hegde here. Isn’t this a style that you would love to sport?

Instead of a regular block mesh design why don’t you try a mesh in hexagonal or a different style so that the checks get converted to interesting shapes that is more intricate than regular box style mesh? You can do some heavy embroidery along the sides of this mesh.

Apart from this instead of just adding the mesh on your sleeves why don’t you try a daring back with a complete cut work? That will look completely stunning. You can add some embroidery, mirror work, do mesh style work alternately and create a pattern. This apart you can do a mesh style cutwork and add a fabric below with heavy embroidery be it either on your back or sleeves to make it more interesting. You can add contrast color fabric to give it a different dimension.


These mesh style cutwork blouses are perfect for bridal blouses or any occasion that needs to be dressed beautifully in pattu sarees. Not just pattu sarees, but you can also try these kinds of blouses modified to suit your designer wear. Try this and let us know!!

courtesy: southindiafashion