Messy Bun with Knot Headband : Back to school hair styles

school hair styles

Looking for cute and stylish hairstyles for your little girl? We’ve got you covered! In this blog post, we’ll walk you through two adorable hairstyle options: the Messy Bun with Knot Headband and the Braided Pigtails with Bows. These hairstyles are perfect for any occasion and will make your little one look absolutely charming. Let’s get started!

Messy Bun with Knot Headband

I. Messy Bun with Knot Headband:

 1: Start with a High Ponytail
  • Gather all the hair and pull it up into a high ponytail at the desired height.
2: Create a Bun
  • When tying the ponytail around all the hair, leave a couple of inches of the “tail” without pulling it all the way through. This will form a bun.
3: Tighten the Bun
  • Pull the bun tight by gently tugging on the ponytail.
4: Add a Knot Headband or Bow
  • Now, it’s time to add some flair to the hairstyle. You can either place a stylish knot headband around the bun or attach a hair bow to the back of the bun. Get creative with different prints and styles to personalize the look!

 school hair styles

II. Braided Pigtails with Bows:

1: Divide Hair into Sections
  • Part the hair down the middle to create two even sections for the pigtails. Clip one side out of the way temporarily.
 2: Start Braiding
  • Take the top half-inch section of the first hair section from the part to begin the braid. Divide this section into three parts to start the braid, holding each section close to the head for a tighter braid.
3: Incorporate Loose Hair
  • Drop the middle piece of hair and bring it toward the front. Grab a small section of loose hair and include it with the dropped piece. Continue this pattern of dropping and picking up hair until the braid reaches the bottom of the neck.
 4: Secure the Braid
  • Once the braid reaches the bottom of the neck, continue with a regular braid for about an inch. Then, use an elastic hair tie to secure the braid, ensuring it’s tight without causing discomfort.
5: Repeat for the Other Side
  • Follow the same steps to create a braid on the other side, mirroring the first braid.
6: Add Hair Bows
  • After finishing both braided pigtails, enhance the style by sliding a hair bow with an alligator clip just above each elastic hair tie. Choose bows that complement your little girl’s outfit and personality.

 school hair styles


01. Can I create a messy bun with shorter hair?

Yes, you can still achieve a messy bun with shorter hair. If your little girl’s hair is not long enough to form a full bun, you can create a smaller bun or use a bun maker accessory to add volume and create the desired messy bun look.

02. How do I keep the braids from unraveling?

To keep the braids from unraveling, make sure to secure them with elastic hair ties at the bottom. You can also use a small amount of hairspray or styling product to help hold the braids in place.

03. Are the knot headbands and bows suitable for all hair types?

Yes, knot headbands and bows are generally suitable for all hair types. They can be easily adjusted and positioned to fit comfortably on different hair textures, from straight to curly. If needed, you can use bobby pins to secure the headband or bow in place.

04. Can I add additional accessories to the hairstyles?

Absolutely! Feel free to get creative and add extra accessories to personalize the hairstyles. You can incorporate decorative clips, flowers, or ribbons that complement your little girl’s outfit or the occasion.

05. How long will these hairstyles last?

Both the messy bun and the braided pigtails can last throughout the day with proper securing techniques. However, it’s natural for some hair strands to come loose or for the hairstyle to slightly loosen over time, especially during active play. You can always refresh the look by adjusting and re-securing the bun or braids as needed.


With these step-by-step instructions, you can easily create two adorable hairstyles for your little girl. Whether you opt for the Messy Bun with a Knot Headband or the Braided Pigtails with Bows, she’s sure to turn heads with her cute and stylish look. Have fun experimenting with different headbands, bows, and variations to make these hairstyles truly unique!