Modern blouse designs for your gorgeous look

Modern blouse designs Modern blouse designs

In this constantly changing world, woman’s fashion is also changing. We have all stepped out from the contemporary saree and blouse designs and have taken in the modernity. Ethnic fashion has really been a trend lately. Be it events or weddings or glam parties, everyone is up and about with their saree charm.

What is a saree without a blouse?
Nothing. It is the most integral part of a saree. It can transform even the most boring of your saree to a statement piece. If you think no one is going to invest their time in decoding the layers, you are wrong. Blouse designs will just accentuate the look of your saree.

It’s not always about giving your fashion competitors an awful taste of jealousy. But sometimes you just tend to fall in love with the look your mirror reflects. No women on this planet can look more gorgeous than a saree. There is something about this attire that brings grace and femininity to your overall appearance.

So if you are looking for a dress to impress, then definitely go with this. You will be surprised what this 6 yards fabric can do to your overall look. Now, that we have discussed so much about sarees and blouse designs, let us take you through these gorgeous and Modern Blouse Designs which will turn you from drab to fab, instantly.

Modern Blouse Designs
1. Tassel blouse design:

Modern Blouse Designs

Another super pretty blouse design. This blouse has so much going on with it. It has patchwork embroidery all over its sleeves and neckline. It has a high neck with a cutout work in the middle. And to top it all we have the ravishing tassel detail on the sleeves and along the hemline of the blouse. This delicate hint of modernity will instantly grab the eyes of the ladies.

2. Embellished sleeves blouse design:

Modern Blouse Designs

Cold shoulder design has been here for a while now and we don’t seem to get away with the hang of it. It is a beautiful design and can provide that added oomph to your saree. So here is one such printed blouse design which has a high neck and embellished sleeve. It matches the embellishment on the saree. These blouses have festive written all over it and are great for every occasion be it a wedding, festive parties and any other special occasions.

3. Bodysuit blouse design:

Modern Blouse Designs

These designs are pretty quirky when it comes to a blouse. But on the other hand, they are super stylish and comfortable. They give you an upper hand when it comes to choosing a blouse and they can also act as a replacement to the corset style blouse. Unlike the corsets, they are not going to leave you out of breath. As shown here these blouses go all the way down to your waistline covered in sheer fabric. It is also embroidered, floral applique details and full sleeve to make it even prettier. It is high time for you to stock up on this designer blouse.

4. Beaded blouse design:

Modern Blouse Designs

This looks straight out of the fairy tale, doesn’t it?? It heightens all our fantasy imaginations. This blouse here demonstrates all the pristine work of brilliant art. It is a complete package. It is an amalgamation of beads and delicate embroidery which leaves you asking for more. It is so perfectly designed that you can ditch all your jewellery pieces and it will still look heavenly. Pair it with matching delicate saree or lehenga to live up to its beauty.

5. Cold shoulder blouse design:

Modern Blouse Designs

You can glam up your plain simple water blouse by adding a decent cut on the shoulders. Plain elbow length cold shoulder blouse designs work well with printed sarees for casual everyday looks. You can also pair this kind of blouse designs with contrasting plain sarees for an elegant and classy look. Here in the image, we have Anita Hassanandani wearing a plain dimple cold shoulder blouse with an absolutely gorgeous lace saree. The blend of the saree and use makes the look more classy.

6. Pleated sleeves design:

Modern Blouse Designs

Sheer sleeves have been quite the trend now. Sheer blouse designs are perfect for all those ladies who want to look sexy without having to reveal too much. Here in this image, we have simple sheer sleeves with a dash of glam of pleated bell detailing. Bell sleeves are simple and interesting and can add a much-needed feminity to your look without being fluffy and clumsy. Here the actress is wearing wide pleated sleeves with her saree which instantly glams up her entire outfit.

7. Embroidered neck blouse design:

Modern Blouse Designs

This blouse will evoke the goddess in you. It is so perfectly designed that you will like an angel fallen from heaven. The blouse has a beautiful embroidered neckline and sheer sleeves with sequin work on it. This works best if you don’t pair it with any neck piece. Go for a matching solid embroidered saree to match up to its look.

8. Ruffle sleeves blouse design:

Modern Blouse Designs

Adding a statement element to your saree can not only be too much fun but can also be challenging. Finding that perfect blouse can be really difficult. That’s when ruffle sleeves come in. Ruffle sleeves are quite the trend right now and they can instantly jazz up your outfit without having to put in too many efforts. Ruffle blouses suit almost every age and go well with all kinds of sarees. While you are adding a statement piece it is very important to remember not to go overboard with the saree. Keep it simple and minimal and allow the blouse to do all the talking.

9. Bell sleeves blouse design:

Modern Blouse Designs

The 90s design is back with a bang. They are super cute and super comfortable. You can flutter these sleeves all day long to keep up the cute look. Here in this picture, we have a boat neck with pleated bell sleeves. These sleeves require a lot of understanding of the fabric as they require an extra fabric to be stitched along the sleeves. Ditch a neckpiece to make this blouse pop.

10. Embroidered cold shoulder blouse design:

Modern Blouse Designs

Embroidered cold shoulder design is another way to jazz up your saree ensemble especially if you are going for a more South Indian look. Here the blouse has a decent amount of cut with embroidery all over. This look is very trendy and fascinating for weddings. While you are wearing such a design it is important to go for a modest saree style. The embroidery work around the cut really does a great job in grabbing the attention of your audience. This is a perfect summertime blouse and is very efficient in bringing out the glam factor of your sarees.

courtesy: k4fashion