Necklace making

Necklace making


Draw the outline of the future necklaces on graph paper:


As the drawing is ready, it peregosim forcing the needle on a thin plastic, the clarity of the mandatory execution, or the difference of 1 mm very visible. Cut pattern nail scissors. After ka foundation is ready, fasten the 6 beads for 3 with one and the other. Opletaev foundation evenly beads on one and on the other hand, in some places it is fashionable to use beads of larger size. Use mosaic weave or brick stitch or hand weaving. Full improvisation important to observe the shape of the pattern and quality. Schemes, in principle, as such, no weaving. This is a job for advanced masters.

3 4 5

6 7 8 (1) 8 8eb1a3f23b9c28032596849779c6b3f2447f95dc
9 10 11 12 13
14 16

the result of:

17 19


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