How to make bead necklaces

bead necklaces

How to make bead necklaces

about these necklaces with beads… show you how I do them, as well as promises prefer to perform fast, give a small master class. It would be great if it is useful to you.

hairstyle (1)

So, all genius is simple … Nuuu, not brilliant, but that’s just a fact. I loved doing those balls that made her a necklace 4 identical, the only difference is in the color and length.

hairstyle (2)

1. Scourge two needles, as I have not dealt with this matter, the fishing line I did not find, therefore, to show in the weaving thread.
To start doing the usual cross.
2. Then weave another, so it was two, all this of course can be seen from the figure, but still I will describe step by step.
3. Then we put on the needle for another bead.
4. To close the cross, the needle is passed into the first bead of the cross, to meet each other and tighten.

hairstyle (3)

5. That’s actually the first ball (front side of the product).

hairstyle (4)

6. I took a different color, a single bead needle is threaded toward each other.
7. And delays, start to make the second ball.
8. Again cross weave 2 indoor and one outdoor (1 bead beads used 9).
9. First and second bead bead needle stretch towards each other as well as you did before.

hairstyle (5)

10. Make 2 balls, but the thread turned inward, now they need to bring to a straight line, to continue on (here the back side of the product).

hairstyle (6)

11. Now the needle, each for its part, done in the bead on the line.
12. And again crosswise to the connection bead needle changing places.
13. Two balls, the front side.
14. The back side of workers and most importantly they are not confused, and then necklace will pokruchennoe, and we need to rovnenko line.
Scourge 2 indoor and one outdoor cross.

hairstyle (7)

15. Again the needle in the first connection of the third bead bead.
16. Tightens made. Three balls
17. To continue, we derive a direct thread, needle bead on Sway side.
18. In connecting to the cross.

hairstyle (8)

19. Tighten the three ball is and can continue to work (the back side, working crosses)
20. Front Side, convex beads.

Well, after repeating not cunning tricks, ball for ball can create a krasivenkoe decoration …
All who wish to repeat the fast, easy and enjoyable !!!

hairstyle (9) hairstyle (1)