How to ordinary cookies in to stunning embroidery

cookies in to stunning embroidery

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Hungarian Chef Turns Ordinary Cookies Into Stunning Embroidery

Hungry mention me? If a hungry cat yesterday with three colored cookies for you to try it. I know that all of you will not dare bite me. The pattern is pretty well, but not destroy it.

thread beaded jewelry (7)

This tour will take them to Hungary. To known chef in disguise artist named Judit Czinkné Poór reputed to be the Leonardo da Vinci of cookies, it’s not. She worked at the store in the city of Ajka Mézesmanna and the cookies she made it out to create a buzz ever.

With the cookies as snacks that do not require much decoration. But she pays attention to it by creating works of art to it. This pattern is a native Hungarian saurian mixed with modern. And can not believe she did this since 2014 already.

And technical skills make her point, this is the practice of training and practice to watch the most spectacular this.

thread beaded jewelry (8)

thread beaded jewelry (2)

thread beaded jewelry (3) thread beaded jewelry (9)


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