Peacock feather earrings

Peacock feather earrings

Peacock feather earrings

Colorful and attractive peacock feather now convert into beautiful earrings. this amazing idea is shared by one of my friend Snigdha. Go through below steps which help you for more clarity


What do you need for this DIY project ?

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peacock feathers or any feather that has fairy look

two types of beads(one long type and another one round type)

Fevicol and transparent wire.


How to make?

we just need to put those beads at the end part of peacock feathers and use glue and long wire for attaching them. The wire should be transparent in color. Attach that wire with the beads at the end and with the help of Fevicol stick them with the feather. For the more strong bond, we here use wire.

So simple and elegant piece of jewelry which is available in the market with very high prize, now you can make it by your own. Thank you for reading and Don’t forget to share your art and craft with us