Indian culture is all about grand rituals and tradition which is been followed with the same enthusiasm as it was followed millions of years ago. The fragrance of Indian culture is so strong that it still attracts millions of people to explore it from around the world. In Indian, there are many rituals starting from the birth of a baby, to marriage and death. Each event and phase in life is associated with certain rituals.

Marriage is one occasion which is celebrated with much pomp and glory. Indian marriage is associated with traditional clothes, jewelry and festivity. Indian woman epitomizes a true traditional bride by carrying the age-old Indian culture. They wear traditional attire like saris, leghena, and Salwar suit along with heavy jewelry. Married women in India wear mangalsutra in the neck as a sign of marriage. Mangalsutra is regarded as a pious thread which is tied on the neck by the groom during the marriage ritual.

Mangalsutra should be worn by married women throughout her life. It is said that if a woman wears mangalsutra then her husband would have a long life. Over the years, mangalsutra has seen many evolutions in design. Nowadays, mangalsutra is available in a wide range of designs. Listed here are some of the of best mangalsutra designs for every married woman.

Circular Diamond Mangalsutra
Diamond is the best friend of women. Any diamond jeweller attracts women like no other jewelry. And when nothing is better than a diamond mangalsutra. Though it is little delicate, it provides a gorgeous look to the wearer. The circular pendant in the middle of the neck piece is the eye catcher. It goes well with both in traditional as well as western dresses and gives an elegant yet classic look.

Gold Mangalsutra
Gold mangalsutra is the traditional design that is worn by Indian women since ages. In this type of mangalsutra, the pendant is made up of gold and black beads in place of diamonds. Actually, black beads have a special significance in mangalsutra. And it is worn by married women to stay away from the negative energy. It looks awesome with heavy silk sarees and compliments the gold work and motifs in the saree.

Wine Branch Mangalsutra
This is also a diamond-studded magalsutra design that entices most of the working women. This design is the modern avatar of traditional mangalsutra. The design is simple, soft and elegant which looks stylish on western wear. The pendant on the centre of the mangalsutra has diamonds that provide the branch with a subtle look. The branches extend the mangalsutra on both the side and give a neat and polish look. This type of mangalsutra comes in mostly short length.

Om Mangalsutra
The word “Om” has a special place in Hindu culture. It is associated with spiritualism and the Hindu deity Lord Shiva. Every Indian woman aspires to have a husband like lord Shiva. So, adorning a mangalsutra with Om symbol is of great importance. The whole mangalsutra is made of a gold chain with black beads having a small Om pendant in the center. You can go for this mangalsutra if you are looking for an Om symbol mangalsutra.

Heart Pendant Mangalsutra
This design is a twist in the traditional mangalsutra design. And it is quite popular design in the market. It is made of thick black color beads string which is attached with four to five small heat pendants made of gold and emerald. The symbol of the heart is associated with love, compassion, and companionship. That is why the design best suits the pious string that is adorned by women which reflects the love and nuptial bond of their marriage.

Peacock Pendant Mangalsutra
Peacock is the national bird of Indian and the picture of the bird is used in many things to show off royalty, class, and tradition since ages. Peacock symbol is also extensively used in royal jewelries. More than anything, this mangalsutra design opts due to its colourful and impressive motifs. The long chain of the mangalsutra is made of gold with black beads in between. The centre has a colourful round peacock pendant that gives an elegant look to the mangalsutra. Like heart symbol, the symbol of the peacock is also regarded as the symbol of love, piousness, and loyalty which is the foundation of marriage life. Therefore, this mangalsutra design is highly recommended for married women.

Rajasthani Mangalsutra
The Rajasthani mangalsutra is the traditional mangalsutra design. It is widely worn by married women in Rajasthan. This design is little different than the other mangalsutra design. It is basically composed of a chain of black glass beads and choker gold pendant in the middle. The gold choker is the centre of attraction in this mangalsutra design. The gold choker contains the embossed design of red and green emeralds which enhances the beauty of the mangalsutra.

Gemstone Mangalsutra
The shine and glamour of Gemstones attract all women. That is why it is highly used in the making of mangalsutra or any other pieces of jewelry. The gemstone mangalsutra is made of a long chain of gold and black beads with a big pendant in the middle. The pendant is usually made of petal design gold pendant with lots of gems studded into it. The best part of the design is that you can play around with the color of the gemstone to match your outfit.

If you want to wear the mangalsutra with a red dress then you must buy a red gemstone mangalsutra and similarly you can choose other gemstone colors to match your outfit. This design is trendy yet elegant and goes well with both Indian and western design. So, all those ladies who love color rather than just a gold and diamond mangalsutra can go for this design.

Emerald Mangalsutra
Emerald is the favorite gemstone of many women. And getting them in their mangalsutra is like an icing on the cake. It looks fabulous on western wear formal or informal. The design of the mangalsutra is wavy strings with a cute little pendant in the middle attached via a single string black bead. The green color of the emerald stone gives it a distinctive look. You can match your attire with the stone color for a glamorous look.

Sunflower Mangalsutra
Sometimes you need to look graceful yet elegant for some occasions. And you may want to look ethnic to suit an occasion. The sunflower mangalsutra is the one of the best mangalsutra design for ethnic wear. This mangalsutra is sculptured with the gold metal and black beads scattered here and there. The middle of the gold chain has the sunflower design pendant made of gold and little of black beads. This mangalsutra just looks perfect with patola sarees for poojas and rituals. You can also go for this mangalsutra for the upcoming festive season.

Ruby Mangalsutra
Ruby mangalsutra is the modern version of the traditional mangalsutra. It has a gold chain with black beads with the central long pendant having ruby and diamond stones. The central portion of the mangalsutra is very attractive with the diamonds and red ruby. This mangalsutra goes very well with designer sarees and western wear. So, if you wear western wear more than traditional dresses then you can go for this mangalsutra.

Royal Mangalsutra
As the name suggests, this mangalsutra has everything royal from its designs to the heavyweight gold used to design it. It has a royal look with four or more gold chains with alternate black beads. In the middle of the chain, the gold pendant with an embossed design is placed. The pendant has small hanging chains.

As the design is heavy, it is mostly worn by brides or newlywed. It is one of the most popular designs for the brides. So, if you are preparing for your wedding day then you can opt for this mangalsutra.

Intertwined Mangalsutra
Intertwined mangalsutra design is also a diamond-studded mangalsutra. The intertwined designs look unique and attractive. It looks like two people holding hands together and also resembles the fingers intertwined. The intertwined design symbolizes love, care, and togetherness of a nuptial bonding.

The design is trendy and stylish which suits mostly the western wear and designer sarees. You can opt for this mangalsutra if you wear designer stuff most of the time.

Queen Pendant Mangalsutra
The queen pendant mangalsutra is inspired by the royal design crafted exclusively for queens. It has three strings of gold chain and studded with pink and white beads that provide a royal look to the mangalsutra. It got a big circular pendant crafted with floral design and hanging red beads that exudes royalty from every angle. This design is best for newlywed and for the bride. It is also the best gift a groom can present to his bride.

Leaf Design Mangalsutra
Nature plays an integral in our lives. Since ages, various things related to nature are crafted in the jewelry to make us feel close to nature. The leaf design in the mangalsutra provides a fresh look like nature. It got a medium single and short string that is made of gold and black beads. The pendant is in the form of two leaves endorsed with diamonds and crystals. The leaves got a diamonds inside the leaves which gives a charming dew drop effect. This mangalsutra suits both western and traditional wear.

Maharashtrain Mangalsutra (Vati)
Mangalsutra is a mandatory jewelry for a maharastrian bride. A maharastrian wedding is incomplete without the mangalsutra tying ceremony or rituals. Maharatrian mangalsutra is called as vati. It is composed of double gold chains, one is a simple chain and the other beaded. The two beads symbolize the bride’s maternal and in-laws home. Basically, the design reflects the bonding of the bride with both the families.

Thaali Mangalsutra
Thaali mangalsutra design comes from South India. The mangalsutra is simple yet elegant. It is made up of regular yellow string that has three knots and a gold pendant. Crafted in the gold pendant are religious symbols that are auspicious and lucky for the newlywed. The yellow thread also has a small piece of turmeric that is an integral part of Hindu rituals. Haldi or turmeric is regarded very auspicious for any rituals.

Mangalsutra Set
Mangalsutra set is also a trendy design and liked by the modern day women. This type of design is generally popular in North India. The design is simple and stylish that goes well with both Indian and western wear. It has the double string made of gold and black beads with a central diamond pendant. The design of the pendant is very refined and clear which add all the glamour to the set. It comes with a pair of trendy and matching earring.

Coral Mangalsutra
Coral mangalsutra is worn by the married women of the coastal region. It widely used in the Konkan region. Unlike any other design of mangalsutra, it got coral beads in the chain. The chain is commonly made of gold and black beads. But it has a twist in the centre of the chain. It has a pendant of a round cold cup with coral beads on both sides. The coral beads are regarded auspicious for married women.

Cup Pendant Mangalsutra
This design of mangalsutra is popular in Karnataka. Like any other mangalsutra design, this mangalsutra string is also made of gold chain and black beads. But unlike any other design, it has two round pendant in the centre made of gold like around cups. The round pendant resembles two celestial bodies the sun and the moon which signifies the power, love, and compassion of the married couple. This design looks great with traditional kanjivaram sarees.

Pearl Mangalsutra
Pearl is used to making fashion jewelry which is loved by many women. Pearl is one gem which suits any attire, Indian or western. The pearl jewelry just looks amazing on all women, fair or dark so is the pearl mangalsutra. Actually, the addition of pearl beads enhances the beauty of the mangalsutra. It is made of two strings of gold and black beads with a big circular pendant. The pendant is studded with white and pink embossed emeralds which looks stunning.

courtesy: fashionbuzzer