Stylish and trendy blouse back neck designs

trendy blouse back neck trendy blouse back neck

Ethnic wears are really on the run nowadays. People of all ages are spotted in ethnic attires all around us. We must admit that this is the best thing about being Indian! No matter how much we try to incorporate western clothes in our lives. We must never forget our culture. Being modern is not forgetting our ethnicity but taking it to the next level.

Today in this article we are going to talk about gorgeous ethnic wear the “saree”. This attire is favored by ladies of all ages nowadays. We have even spotted our favorite celebs like Anushka Sharma, Shilpa Shetty and many others in sarees. They have all added their own little personal style into it.

Now that we have talked about saree, let’s step into the blouse. Because a saree without a blouse is incomplete right?? This is the piece that everyone notices at first and with this material we can always up to our saree game.

Blouse Back Neck Designs
The blouse can make or break your entire attire. When chosen right, like right pattern, design, and fabric, this can even transform your most boring saree into a statement piece. On that note, we must say that the blouse back neck designs are something that we all drool over. Let us just honestly admit there have been so many times when we have annoyed our tailors to get that perfect blouse stitched. Literally so much that they were on the verge of going mad.

But now all this hassle and embarrassment can be saved with all thanks to the online market. The online market is a game-changer and there is almost everything that will satisfy every body type. So forget to get your personal style tailored and dive into the vast variety of online products. To make it easier for you we have selected some trendy back neck designs which will be great for all occasions. So let’s begin.

1. Deep U blouse design

Trendy Blouse Back Neck

The U neck design is the most common design you will find in blouses. This design is worn by almost every women and everyone seems to love it. This design suits all fabrics and goes well with all sarees. What we have here is the back of a blouse with a very deep U neck at the back. The U, however, is not complete it has a golden scalloped hem design on the other side. These blouse designs seem to flatter all body types and they are simple yet fascinating. There are varieties of U neck designs available out there so you can choose as per your convenience.

2. Asymmetrical blouse design

Trendy Blouse Back Neck

This is a highly trending blouse design lately. This is usually invented to jazz up the boring U back look. If this blouse was to be critically analysed it will totally steal the crown. These are different from the usual symmetrical cut and holds its own position quite safely in the fashion industry. The fusion of old and new brings in a great masterpiece and it works well for all occasions and all body types.

3. Square cutout blouse design

Trendy Blouse Back Neck

This is yet another classic blouse design. There might have been many blouse designs but nothing can beat a square neck blouse. It is highly popular among women because it is easy breezy and extremely comfortable. These blouses usually come in a lot of patterns and sport in various colours to enhance the beauty of the blouse. What we have here is a beautiful red silk blouse with golden zari work and golden brooch in the middle. The blouse also has a strong to tie to increase the fascination. It is simple yet highly alluring. You don’t usually see such beautiful and comfortable blouses every day so grab it while you still have a chance.

4. V-shaped blouse back neck design

Trendy Blouse Back Neck

A V neck blouse pattern has always been admired by women all around the country. These blouses look amazing in any style. Blouses of this kind are always on demand due to their sensuous and elegant appeal. They have been experienced in various fabrics, designs and patterns and still stand out to be an utmost favourite of the ladies. Here we have an orange printed blouse design with a silver sequinned drape over the sleeve. This gives an amazing twist to the blouse in the way the sleeves are joined. This neckline adds a lot of drama and is suitable for women of all shapes and sizes. Depending on your preference you can increase and decrease the depth of the neckline.

5. Black embroidered blouse design

Trendy Blouse Back Neck

Embroidered blouse emit a very rich look and they stand incomparable in the blouse business. These blouses are the first choice of every bride and the end to choose the shape and design of the blouse as per their liking. Here we have a black embroidered blouse design. Black is a universal colour and it looks good on every body type and shape. It is also suitable for all occasions. The black blouse here has golden embroidery work all over and also has golden zari work on the deep U shaped neckline. It also comes with a thread to tie which makes the simple blouse white fancy.

6. Striped blouse back neck design

Trendy Blouse Back Neck

Blouses of these types are extremely fascinating and it is perfect for ladies who do not want to flaunt a bareback. This blouse has an asymmetrical hemline which is joined by a series of striped cutouts. This not only provides a firm grip to the blouse but is also extremely stylish. The blouse further comes with an embroidered full sleeves which just adds to the beauty. The sheer sleeves hold a very special place in the clothing industry and combining it with such a fascinating blouse makes it an absolute delight to wear. This pattern will work well for all types of sarees.

7. Drop-shaped blouse back neck design

Trendy Blouse Back Neck

Drop-shaped cutouts give a very sober yet sophisticated look to your blouse. If you do not want to go entirely backless but still want some skin show going on then this a very good choice. Not all situations demand exclusive skin show and in such cases, blouses of this kind can be quite handy. The blouse here has a high neck pattern with a sleek drop cut at the centre. The blouse also has embroidery work on it which increases the beauty of the blouse. These blouses can be laired great with cotton or georgette sarees and are great for casual occasions.

8. Almost backless blouse design

Trendy Blouse Back Neck

Blouses of this kind can completely turn around your look. The saree cover almost the entire front portion of you and therefore it is a great alternative to go for blouses with sexy back designs. The blouse here is almost backless as it has a very deep V neck design at the back. The cut is placed so firmly that it flaunts the entire back. If you are bored of wearing all those contemporary and unattractive blouse then you can opt for such a blouse which will not only conserve your ethnic look but will also provide a nice twist to your look. The golden work on the black blouse makes this blouse extremely festive appropriate.

9. Glam circle blouse back neck design

Trendy Blouse Back Neck

A halter neck blouse is one of a kind. This blouse is perfect for all the ladies with a small bust. A halter neck blouse with a circle cut out at the back can be a head turner. The circle cutout is almost similar to a pot neck except for the fact that it is fully round. A glam circle cutout back is highly sensuous and has a playful and youthful appeal to it. It can be a statement piece and can transform your bland look into something spectacular. The blouse here also has golden zari work which adds to the beauty of the blouse. So if you have any invitations around the corner and you are confused about your ethnic wear then blouses of this kind can really make your day.

10. Tie-up string blouse design

Trendy Blouse Back Neck

Tie-up blouses or Doris are highly fascinating. They provide a very interesting and modern appeal to the already existing blouses. If you like to play it safe with a wide U meck then this blouse is just for you. This blouse is an absolute classic and works well with all sarees. It is also known to compliment all body shapes and sizes. This style can look really simple because it is a very done to death cut but if you style smart you can actually rock any party with this pattern. According to your personal preference you can choose the depth of your neckline. Available in Black and gold makes it absolutely festive worthy.