Stylish mehndi designs for both,bride and grooms

Do you want your Mehndi to reflect you’re a millennial bride? Take a look at these stylish Mehndi designs which promise to do just that.

Mehndi Designs

The combination of elaborate designs and the endless fun require a separate event for themselves and hence, we have a Mehndi Ceremony. We’re kidding, but aren’t Mehndi pictures the brightest in any wedding album? Every season brides look for new ways to approach this, be it through the decoration of the event or the bridal Mehndi designs. The revamped avatar of the traditional designs has paved way for more stylish Mehndi designs to be flaunted by the millennial brides. Let’s take a look at a select few designs that we found ingenious.

1. Mandala Mehndi Designs

Mehndi Designs


Mandala, as a part of the Hindu texts, symbolically represent the cosmos. Their symmetric appearance makes them look enchanting which is why they are now adopted by Mehndi artists as well. They look beautiful on the bride’s palms and are the go-to choice for minimalism lovers. These stylish Mehndi designs are the perfect example of simple yet stunning!

2. Bracelet, Anklet, Bajuband Mehndi Designs

Mehndi Designs


As brides sport Mehndi as well as bridal jewellery on their big day, Mehndi artists experimented with combining the two and the result has become a hit ever since. You can get a Bajuband, Haath Phool or an anklet painted on yourself in Mehndi. It looks gorgeous and gives you the grace of wearing these ornaments without even putting them on. Try this latest Mehndi design fad and get some gorgeous wedding pictures.

3. Caricature Mehndi Designs

Mehndi Designs


Well, some brides seek fun more than anything at their wedding. One of the stylish Mehndi designs that are the perfect fit for them is caricature Mehndi. Make sure you choose a talented Mehndi artist for it and your Mehndi is sure to become Insta-worthy. It is a refreshing take on the older tradition, plus you get to tease the groom, what more can you ask for!

4. Mehndi Tattoo

Mehndi Designs


You can keep the designs traditional but get it painted wherever you want to get a tattoo, like your back, maybe. Bring out your adventurous self and invent something new like this dreamcatcher design here. As the soon-to-be bride, no one will deny your wishes to so why not go all out? This is one stylish Mehndi design that puts style into focus.

5. Groom Mehndi Designs

Mehndi Designs


Who said Mehndi was only for the brides? Tell your groom that he can also flaunt stylish Mehndi designs. Ask him to take a cue from these men or make his own selection from the wedding hashtags, writing your name to full-fledged traditional palm Mehndi designs. If your groom likes it, he can even apply Mehndi to his feet and flaunt it. It’s time that groom Mehndi became a thing. Ask your groom to be one of the trendsetters.

6. Golden Mehndi Designs

Mehndi Designs

Are you still looking for more options? How about golden Mehndi? Even though it is not one of the stylish Mehndi designs, it is a way to make your Mehndi stand out. You can show it off as a stand-alone tattoo or weave the design with traditional Mehndi in it. All of the jewellery designs would look gorgeous in golden Mehndi. Since it is not as long lasting as the traditional Mehndi, you can always remove it if you’re not happy with the final result. So, go give it a try.

We hope that at least one of these stylish Mehndi designs was to your liking. If you want to stick to the traditional designs but still add a dash of freshness to it, you can go for the gorgeous-looking white Mehndi.

courtesy: Mehndi Designs

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