How to make swinging chick for kids room

swinging chick

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How to make swinging chick for kids room

Celebrate spring with this super cute swinging chick! He may be small, but this short-sighted charmer is enough to brighten anyone’s day.


To work needed:

  • wire
  • paper (any)
  • cloth scraps
  • yarn yellow
  • felt different colors (just a little)
  • wire-haired yellow (it is used, for example, to clean pipes, or sold in the shop crafts)
  • beads for eyes
  • cardboard (cut out of his glasses)
  • scissors
  • glue gun
  • hoop (optional)
  • 3 cloves of thin metal with small heads or safety pins


crumpled paper into a ball of average size, wrap the yarn.


Cut the wire with a piece of pile length of about 13 cm and thread it through a few threads of yarn. Dale bend it in the middle and the ends wrap up (it’s future legs of birds).


Using pliers, bend the wire into an oval circle. Take one of the scraps of fabric and tie it in a knot. Then wrap the wire twisting his place. Secure the ends of the fabric.


Take a ball of yarn with the “bird legs” and place it below the center of the oval wire, as shown in Fig. Instead of the oval wire, you can use the hoop.

Wrap the “feet” around the wire and glue the ends.


Cut out felt a small diamond and cardboard glasses. Prepare for further work cloves. On two of them put on beads.

Fold back the bow points.


Thread the ball in the arc points. In the middle of each circle points to slide the beads or studs with safety pins. Then pierce the middle of the diamond stud left. Then place it on the working side of the ball at the place where you want the beak.


Cut out felt different in size florets and leaves.

Decorate these figures hoop, using nibble gun.

Take another rag cloth and twist the ends stick to the bottom. Then tie it to the middle of the top hoop.


Your work is over for

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