Trendy short mangalsutra designs

mangalsutra designs

Mangalsutra has an important place in Hindu culture and weddings. The groom ties this auspicious black and gold thread around the neck of the bride during rituals of a Hindu wedding as a symbol of matrimony, love, and commitment. This is a significant ornament and in many parts of India just tying a mangalsutra around the neck and a bit of sindoor is considered enough for a valid wedding.

Traditionally a woman required to wear this holy thread at all times after the wedding. Times have changed and not all married women wear mangalsutras 24×7 but for the newlyweds, mangalsutras have become a sort of statement jewellery which they love wearing and flaunting their newly changed relationship status. Gold mangalsutras with long chains arent what the new age millennial brides prefer, they want to keep things subtle with modern short mangalsutras which are ideal for daily wear.
Trendy short mangalsutra designs in gold || Mini Mangalsutras for daily wear

Mangalsutra is essentially black and golden beads held together with a pendant at the base but with evolving fashion trends you can find a lot of variety in designs, patterns and lengths. These days you can opt for personalized mangalsutras in gold or even go for diamond-studded ones. With so many available, it is natural to get confused, but stress not as I bring to you a well-curated list of trending short mangalsutra designs in gold. Here are some minimal yet bridal designs you can consider for daily wear!
#1 Double heart style studded short mangalsutra in gold with matching earrings

short mangalsutra

Flaunt your love post your wedding with a double heart locket mangalsutra design. One heart pendant is studded with stones while the second one sits pretty in plain gold making for a gorgeous contrast. This gold heart mangalsutra comes with matching stud earrings and is lightweight making it an ideal for everyday wear. This design is ideal for millennial brides who want a bit of modernity in a traditional auspicious jewel-like mangalsutra.

#2 Gold and diamonds floral mangalsutra design

short mangalsutraIf you find flaunting a heart on your neck a tad bit too mushy then we totally get you. Try the all-time classic studded floral patterns with a black beaded short-chain making it comfortable for daily wear. This design is also ideal for working women as it is simple and subtle enough to wear to your office as a newbie bride giving a very traditional and charming appeal.
#3 Daily wear short mangalsutra designs in goldshort mangalsutra If you don’t like the idea of stones in your mangalsutra then try adding white gold details to give a two-toned finish. If you don’t want to experiment much but still want a unique type of design then choose something on similar lines which can work for both casual as well as occasion wear.
#4 Pearl mangalsutra designs short mangalsutraHave a soft spot for pearls? Then you should totally consider getting yourself a pearl mangalsutra which also gives a very elegant look especially if you are working women as pearls blend well with both Indian and western clothes for a modern, chic and contemporary look.
This mangalsutra has pearls on either side of a studded pearl strung in a black beads chain making for a fresh and unique design ideal for edgy and confident women of today.
#5 Latest gold mangalsutra designs with peacock pendant short mangalsutra

Ditch the usual pendant styles and opt for something more regal and intricate like this multi hue stone studded peacock motif pendant. This has a very different feel to it yet is very traditional in its look and appeal. The peacock pendant has pearls around it and a medium length black bead chain completes it. This is a sure shot conversation starter design and is ideal for south brides as it is inspired by south jewellery styles.

#6 Gold mangalsutra design with beads and a touch of colour

short mangalsutraOpal pendant for a mangalsutra is as alluringly striking as it can get. Opt for a style like this if you like a bit of colour in your jewellery pieces. This thali chain has the usual black beads while the pendant area uses gold and pink beads bring the whole design together. This is actually a pendant set which comes with matching ear studs.
#7 Pretty lightweight heart locket mangalsutra short mangalsutra

Another heart pendant mangalsutra which you can wear daily for a cutesy and mushy look. You can finish off with matching studs or avoid it and pair your heart mangalsutra with jhumkas for occasions like get together, parties or catching up with each other’s friends after your wedding.

#8 Classy pearl mangalsutra set with studs

short mangalsutra

#9 New age lotus motif pendant mangalsutra in gold

short mangalsutraMake a statement with a totally unique design like this this lotus pendant mangalsutra. This design has a very modish appeal to it and the pendant is slightly over sized giving it a bold and interesting look. I have to warn you, this isnt a design everyone can carry off so try it in store and give it a good thought before you make the final purchase. Another thing with these pendant mangalsutras is you can invest in a good mid-length black bead chain and keep adding a different pendant to it for a new look on a daily basis. These pendants can then also be worn with a simple plain chain too.
If you are looking to try the pendant changing technique then this lotus design is worth a risk.
#10 Minimal single diamond short-chain mangalsutra short mangalsutraMillennial young brides prefer minimal designs and this single stone mangalsutra with matching studs is a perfect pick. This style is especially suited for women who have a tradition of never remove the mangalsutra as this simple design is very versatile and will not clash with any kind of look. You can get a design like this custom made in artificial stones or go for a single diamond solitaire to give your jewel of love a precious forever feel.
#11 Delicate studded short length chain gold mangalsutra design short mangalsutraIf you prefer the shine of diamonds then try this gorgeous and simplistic line of studded pendant design with a basic mangalsutra chain which can we wore both casually and formally. with a mangalsutra necklace like this, you have options to pair with any kind of studded earrings and is sure to look good. You can go for simple studs when going to the office or opt for a glam dangler pair for a party or get together. Even pearl studs can give a classy look when styled with this kind of mangalsutra making for a versatile pick. Personally I would recommend a design like this for daily wear especially if you are more modern kind.
#12 Daily wear mangalsutra with multiple pearls

short mangalsutraIf bling of stones or shimmer of gold isn’t your thing choose the subtle charm of pearls. This kind of black bead chain with multiple beads strung together like a pendant is sure to look different and won’t hurt your pockets much.
#13 Gold mangalsutra with star-shaped pendant short mangalsutraComplicated and heavy mangalsutra styles arent what the young brides of today prefer. If you have to wear something on an almost daily basis we women want something simple yet stylish like this oh-so-pretty start pendant mangalsutra with a short-chain. This design is sure to earn you loads of compliments and will make you stand out in a good way.
#14 Simple studded gold mangalsutra with earrings set short mangalsutra#15 Double oval locket mangalsutra model
short mangalsutraThis latest mangalsutra design is a catchy and striking pattern as it is not very common to find ovals in nallupusalu pendants. You can buy this style of necklace with matching earring studs and strike a major trend. New brides keep getting invited to lots of dinners with friends and family post-wedding and when you want something basic and modern jewellery pieces to flaunt at these dinners you can try this style of mangalsutras.
#16 Traditional short mangalsutra designs in gold
short mangalsutraDainty and pretty this latest gold mangal sutra with flashes of white gold is more for stay at home traditional women for daily wear. This resembles the traditional thaali design giving it an evergreen classic appeal.
#17 Beautiful mangalsutra design with a dash of green short mangalsutraThe latest jewellery trend is a touch of green in neckpieces. If you love this trend then why not get a mangalsutra also with a green stone in it? This short-chain black beads chain has an oval studded pendant with a small emerald or sapphire in the middle.
#18 Elegant double chain gold and diamonds mangalsutra design
short mangalsutraSingle chains work best for everyday wear but if you want a more elaborate design you can try double black beaded chain with a swirl style pendant. Diamonds line the swirl giving this traditional piece of jewellery a modish look. Wear this to a party to make an effortless glam statement as a newbie bride.
#19 Modish triangular pendant mangalsutra short mangalsutraStudded triangles are arranged together to form this gorgeous pendant which is drop-dead gorgeous. The whole geometric pattern gives it a unique touch making for a striking short mangalsutra pattern no women can resist.
#20 Contemporary short mangalsutra for newly weds short mangalsutraMillennial brides prefer contemporary and stylish designs like this latest mangalsutra with a cylindrical pendant. This pendant is a small-sized, lightweight and pretty pick for daily wear. This design is eye-catching and beautiful and can work as an additional mangalsutra with a heavy bridal nallupusalu pattern.
#21 Traditional short mangalsutra design with a dash of colour
short mangalsutraThis alluring mangalsutra design has Kundan details and a studded flower as its main design point. I love how this short mangalsutra has a bit of colour distinguishing it from the rest of mangalsutra parts available these days. This will look exceptional on anyone and the design speaks for itself and allows you to stand out in a crowd.
#22 Catchy gold mangalsutra design short mangalsutraNothing beats the simplicity of a gold mangalsutra design like this with a small jhumki inspired pendant. This ideal for you if you the traditional kind. This stone less pattern also makes a more wise investment decision.
#23 Contemporary mangalsutra design with vertical stone detail short mangalsutra

A horizontal line of stones to form a mangalsutra pendant is both classy and common. This whole idea of a vertical stone setting will make heads turn over to you. If you love wearing deeper necklines this style will help accentuate it and is totally something you should consider.

#24 Little studded pendant mangalsutra

short mangalsutraIf you are looking for a subtle pattern which doesn’t break your bank then this simple and sleek mangalsutra is a perfect pick. Since this isn’t very dramatic you can wear it to your office party or a formal event and play up with your makeup and other jewellery to up the glam quotient. Bold lips, winged eyes and statement earrings or rings pair up well with this basic design.
#25 Unique crystal pendant gold mangalsutra short mangalsutraThis short mangalsutra is a stunner in more ways than one. In addition to the black beads chain, there are two bigger black beads around a crystal-like cylindrical pendant which is a very usual and trendy design pattern.
#26 Amazing kundan mangalsutra design short mangalsutra

This one is especially for Kundan lovers. A single Kundan stone with pearls around it forms a locket base in this model of mangalsutra. This design is ideal for daily wear as it is modern, chic yet simple for everyday use.

#27 Lightweight gold black beads mangalsutra with diamond pendant

short mangalsutraThis studded mangalsutra makes for an alluring picture and can help you steal the show with all that bling. You can pair this with heavy silk sarees, lehengas or even anarkalis for a festive ethnic look.
#28 Classic heart pendant mangalsutra set short mangalsutra#29 Distinct mangalsutra design with pink stones
short mangalsutra#30 Alluring Kundan pattern mangalsutra

short mangalsutraKundan mangalsutras are in high demand these days as they look classy and traditional. This short Kundan pattern is slightly heavier for routine wear but makes a good option for mid-level occasions like dinner parties.
#31 Heart shaped diamond mangalsutra for young brides
short mangalsutraFancy hearts? Try this heart cut stone pendant mangalsutra for a look which spells elegant charm. This is one of the simplest and most comfortable looking styles woman can flaunt and the heart detail gives it a very romantic vibe. This kind of design also makes for an amazing anniversary or valentines day gift idea, so men take note.
#33 Short length nallupusalu model in gold short mangalsutra A relatively simpler style of thali design can be an ideal choice for working women. This mangalsutra has a V style gold pendant with tiny stones for understated subtle look. Pair this with a simple kurti or salwar suit for work appropriate formal look.
# 34 Light weight pearl nallupusalu with matching stud earrings short mangalsutraPearl mangalsutras is the new trend surfacing and you can give it a try if you like the evergreen charm of pearls. This single pearl pendant mangalsutra set comes with matching studs but the chain with its different beads detailing is the highlight.
#35 Contemporary ruby stones and pearl mangalsutra short mangalsutraIf you like pearl and beaded designs here is another pattern which you can consider. Here two pearls border an exquisite studded bead making for a drop-dead gorgeous design. Best suited for indo-western wear or women having a more westernized everyday style.
#36 Single gold bead mangalsutra design for experimental brides short mangalsutraAre you the full-on chase the trends and ditch the usual styles kind? Then this gold mangalsutra with a medium-sized gold bead as a pendant is something you should totally check out. This mangalsutra has a gold chain with gold and black beads in between giving this traditional piece of jewellery a modish appeal.
#37 Floral mangalsutra pendant set design for traditional women
short mangalsutraThis floral pattern is an all-time classic totally worth investing as it can never go out of style adding Pair this with matching floral studs with a saree and add grace to your look! This pendant style can work with both long and short chains so that is another win.
#38 Simple studded short mangalsutra model short mangalsutraClassic designs like these work perfectly well as long term style options. This double chain mangalsutra comes with 5 medium-sized stones arranged in a wide V shape and can pair up well with Kurtis, salwar or even jeans for a work-appropriate piece of jewellery. You can get a design like this made from your local jeweller in 18k gold and it is going to hurt your wallet too much either.
#39 Modern mangalsuutra with diamonds short mangalsutra A modern take on delicate neckpiece, this mangalsutra is equal parts tradition and modernity. A gold chain with a line of diamonds is given a mangalsutra feel by adding 2 black beads on both sides of the diamond line. This design is similar to actress Priyanka Chopra’s mangalsutra design where minimal black beads are used.
#40 Latest magalsutra design with pearl beads for trendy look short mangalsutraPearl lined triple gold chains set together to look like a pendant which is then held up in a black beads chain is a new way to pop out from the crowd. I love how trendy and equally distinct this design is but make sure you have the personality to carry this off. This kind of latest mangalsutra designs aren’t very easy to pull off but if your personal style is experimental and follow the trends type then you can surely give it a try.

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