10 Unique blouse designs to pop up your bridal look

The right blouse can complete and accentuate your overall bridal look. Here we explore everything about unique blouse designs that became a talking point for bridal outfits this season.

All brides plan each of their wedding outfits in exquisite detail, as they count down to their big day. The colour of their outfit, the bridal accessories that’ll go with it, their bridal makeup, their bridal hairstyle and everything in-between. And a major peg among all of these is the bridal blouse she pairs with her outfits. Here’s a list of some of the most unique blouse designs to provide you with some inspiration for your own wedding.

Unique Blouse Designs for Lehengas & Sarees
1. Crop tops

Who doesn’t love crop tops, right? It’s one clothing item that you’ll find in every bride’s wardrobe and the latest trend is to pair it with a lehenga. A lot of brides often wear crop tops and lehenga skirts for their Mehndi because it’s extremely comfortable and looks stylish too. If you’re planning to wear a crop top for your Mehndi as well, make sure you pick a bright colour. You can even experiment with a print on a print look or even keep it simple – whichever way, it’ll look classy.

2. Sheer coverage blouses

Sheer coverage blouses are the new ‘it’ thing. They look amazing with bling colours like gold, silver and rust. Light fabrics with heavy embroidery add the right kinda glamour to your bridal look. These blouses are revealing and look extremely sexy. They are perfect for an engagement or a cocktail party. You can wear them with a net saree or even your bridal Lehenga.

3. Unique colour combinations

Another great way to experiment with unique blouse designs is to pick offbeat lehenga choli colour combinations. If you want your overall look to stand out, match two shades that don’t follow through the contrasting colour charts. For example, maybe try pairing a royal blue with plum purple or a bottle green with amber – the choice is yours. Make sure you feel confident in the colours you choose.

4. Daring styles

There are so many new styles brides are trying. Off-shoulder blouses, cold shoulders blouses, halter neck and of course, backless blouses are few of the most daring blouse styles you can pull off at your wedding. If you’re planning to achieve a bold and beautiful look, you can go for a blouse design that makes a statement. So choose carefully and make heads turn.

5. Shirt as blouse

Fusion clothing has hit the wedding market like never before. Brides are experimenting with new designs and patterns and a hot favourite is donning the Lehenga with shirt trend. Believe it or not, it looks stunningly beautiful and if you’re up for exploring your outfit options, you should definitely give this a try. It is one of the most unique blouse designs you’ll find. You can wear a shirt Lehenga for your Mehndi because it’s easy to carry and looks pretty too.

6. Unique back cuts, designs and styles

Your wedding outfit designer will tell you that there are thousands of unique back designs you can get for your blouse and all you need to do is pick the right one for yourself. From a back butterfly design to a horseshoe – choose a back design that goes with your overall look. Make sure whatever backline you pick looks flattering on you, keeping your body shape and shoulders in mind.

7. Sequined sensations


Weddings are a blingy affair and sequins is your best friend when it comes to picking unique blouse designs. You can pair a plain, chiffon saree with a sequined blouse and it’ll make a statement. Make sure you pick the right quality sequin because there is a lot of flimsy stuff available out in the markets. Silver, golden or coloured – sequin looks good in all shades. You can even pick an ombre shade for your blouse. Sequin blouses are perfect for an evening function of engagement, Sangeet or cocktails.

8. Cocktail saree blouses

Your blouse can make or break your saree look. There are several types of cocktail saree blouses that a lot of brides wear during their wedding functions, mostly their reception. Since cocktail sarees are worn in the evening, it’s a good idea to pick a dark colour with a tinge of bling to look glammed up. You can wear a peplum blouse, a fringe and tassel blouse, balloon sleeves or bell sleeves or even a strappy, lacy shoulder blouse with a cocktail saree.

9. Caped blouses

Caped blouses look great with lehengas. They are flowy and make you look gorgeous. Also, the added benefit of wearing a caped blouse is that you don’t need to invest in a dupatta separately for your lehenga. All you need is a skirt and a caped blouse to complete your look. A lot of brides wear caped blouses for their Sangeet ceremony because they look great when you dance around wearing one.

10. Personalised blouses

When we say personalised blouses, we not only mean a custom-made outfit according to your fit, size and choice, but also additions like adding a hashtag or a specific embroidery to your outfit that says something about your relationship with your partner. For example, a bride got her wedding hashtag embossed and it was one of the most unique blouse designs we’ve discovered. Some brides even get personalised objects made on their outfits and well, you can do that too.

We hope you can now choose a style for yourself amongst these unique blouse designs. Also, remember, no matter which pattern or colour you pick, you will look drop dead gorgeous.

courtesy: weddingwire

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