Bridal bun hairstyles to make your wedding day special

Bridal bun hairstyles

Every girl dreams to look charming and adorable on her special day. Her special day is something that she has been waiting for and planning all her life and indeed everything needs to be special. Whether it is makeup, outfit or jewelry everything has to be perfect. But the one’s hairstyle is something that should be impeccable and quirky to add essence in one’s beauty.

The hairstyle is the most vital part of any look. Hair is the most prominent part needs extra attention and care. It is the prized possession of any girl. It not only impacts your overall look but also focuses on your perfection and when it’s your big then the bride should never compromise with her bridal bun.

If you are fed up with that boring and plain bridal bun then you must add the aroma and beauty of beautiful flowers in your hairstyle to stand out of the box on your wedding day. Flower the jewel of nature can naturally beautify your look just by being a part of your bridal look. Here are some of the popular flowery bridal buns that will give you a queen alike look on your special day.

1. The flamboyant surprise

Bridal Bun Hairstyles

When it comes to the hairstyle that can match any attire then this one is perfect. The multicolour tiny flowers covering the whole bun not only enhances your overall look but also matches the beauty of your outfit by giving you a flawless look. You can match it with any desired style outfit of yours and can get the best look. The tiny peeking bright colour flowers add elegance in your look and is an unbeatable combo of contrasts.

2. The spell of white

Bridal Bun Hairstyles

White is the colour that always gives you a classic look as well as defines your royalty. White being the colour of peace does justice with your bridal bun by giving it soothing, calm and peaceful effect. The simple and sober white bunch act as a charm in your beauty as well as brings you the limelight. The perfect hairstyle for the lazy brides with very fewer complications.

3. The angel band

Bridal Bun Hairstyles

Simple yet elegant is what defines this hairstyle perfectly. The band of flowers on your beautiful black bun enhances any simple bridal bun hairstyle just by being a part of it. The shape of the flower band looks very suitable on the upper bun whereas the bright roses in the random arrangement give it a magical look. The bride looks totally angel in this hairstyle and gives you the feel of a fairytale. The list of these flowers very well does justice with your bridal bun. Someone who doesn’t love heavy hairstyle should go with this one for their big day.

4. Braided snow ring

Bridal Bun Hairstyles

The interlaced braided bun peeking out of the beautiful white flower rings gives you the attractive traditional look that defines the beauty of the Indian bride. The ring of white flowers on the bride’s bun act as the icing on the cake making her hair look more winsome in multiple ways. The white flower ring on our bride’s brown hair makes it adorable and amazing.

5. Snow rose flood

Bridal Bun Hairstyles

Snow white rose flowers covering half of your bun becomes the jewel of your beautiful bridal bun. The white roses covering the lower bun defines the neatness and perfect shape of the bun and adding an extra focus on your beauty. The perfect segment and arrangement of flowers bring out the best in you by emphasizing your bridal bun.

6. The spring contrast

Bridal Bun Hairstyles

The contrast of white flowers and tiny pink roses in the braided bun does justice with any bridal look. The colour itself is very soothing and peaceful. The neatly braided bridal bun with white and pink flowers suits any bright or pink outfit. One who is more inclined towards simple and sober look should definitely choose this one for their bridal look.

7. Red and white beauty

Bridal Bun Hairstyles

The beautiful and soothing combination of White and Red has always been considered trending and people’s first choice. The hairstyle absolutely suits the modern bride who prefers stylish and sizzling look for their wedding. The red roses add volumes to the bun whereas the white flowers balance the contrast. The red and white contrast not only makes the puffed hairstyle awesome but also signifies the standard beauty.

8. The pastel emphasis

Bridal Bun Hairstyles

The simple pastel petals and the white contrast gives the bride a flawless classical look and also emphasizes the bridal bun. Petals being trending nowadays are people’s first preference for any occasion. The arrangement and presentation of the petals in the bridal bun introduce us to the unique combination. One who loves overall typical Indian bridal look must go with this one.

9. The White climbers

Bridal Bun Hairstyles

Partially covered white flowers beautifully and neatly define every hair strands of the bridal bun as well as adds extra grace in the bride’s beauty. The one who is obsessed with white colour should give it a try to bring freshness and amazing glow in the overall bridal look. The perfectly arranged flowers on the wavy hair give you a phenomenal look as well as grabs the attention of people on your wedding day.

10. The exploration of contrasts

Bridal Bun Hairstyles

The various aspects of this different bridal bun show the experimentation with colours and volumes. It beautifully defines how exploration with flowers, colours and style can add glow in your look. The ample use of flowers, colours and hairstyles bring the hidden modern and trending lookout making you a perfectionist. The brides who love to experiment and explore with their look with a hope to get a positive outcome should definitely try these.

Hope you enjoyed the fragrance and beauty of the article and became more specific about your bridal bun look. The beauty of bridal bun must have mesmerized you and have cast a magic spell on you. These are the list of few most trending and unique bridal bun for your special day that will satisfy any bride with its look and perfection. Make your wedding memorable with these lovely bridal buns as well as remarkable.


courtesy: k4fashion