Clutch handbag

Clutch handbag

Clutch handbag

how to make a clutch Handbags. Require diligence, care and perseverance, but in general, the work is not very complicated. This purse is completely free of any machine stitching, all completely made by hand.


We need:
1. Genuine soft leather brown (do not take a thick skin, as embroider on it very uncomfortable).
2. Thick cotton fabric (for lining).
3. Red Jasper (6 cabochons).
4. Pieces of amber (1 is low).
5. Crystals of red-orange color (5 pcs.).
6. A metal probe.
7. Czech beads four colors (red, gold, red, brown).
8. Magnet Clasp golden brown.
9. Thread.
10. Needle.
11. Glue.
12. Ruler.
13. Pencil.
14. Scissors.
From a piece of leather cut a rectangle 20 cm wide and 30 cm long. Lay off him aside and cut two identical triangles, which will close our handbag (width 20 cm). On one of them we will embroider, and the other will serve as the inner side, by which we hide all transitions and stitches.

Spread on a table rectangle of leather. Take the metal sample and make holes along its entire length to the right, left and top. In this case, you should use a ruler that the holes are on the same level. At the base of the triangles are also doing a series of holes.


Cut three thin strips of leather, with which we connect …..denim cut a rectangle, slightly less than the leather. This fabric will serve as a lining. Glue its instantaneous adhesive to the inner side of the leather rectangle.

Fold the rectangle in half, pressing it firmly at the point of bending. Take the leather strips and threading them through the holes properly tightening. The ends cut off and hide inside (they need to be carefully hem or glue).

Take the leather triangle and paste it red jasper cabochons. Sheathe their Czech beads, as follows: 2 red beads, 2 gold and 2 red.


Glue crystals and beads sheathe their golden color. Loose sew amber, trying not to leave too much empty space.


Now we need on the wrong side, where we are joints, glue the second pure triangle. Do it gently so the ends come together. Sheathe the edge of the triangle beads, alternating gold and brown colors.

Putting a triangle with the base bags using leather strips. Threading it through the hole, as well as on the sides.
Fasten buckle magnet, one part of the triangle, and the other to the front of the base of the bag.
Our clutch is ready!


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