Cosmetic drive organizer

Cosmetic drive organizer

Cosmetic drives are now using it. But I do not like scary to take them out of the tube packaging! As soon as I did not attach, and wherever they lozhila … I do not like and was not comfortable !!!! The first stage of this ,, ,, did not survive, and to their right! ….. In short, found a bottle (of PVA glue), somehow cut off the top, turned out to be very thick-walled, and the bottom schelochku penetrate. After you take out and when I have to drive. Garnish with geometrical figures of self-adhesive ,, ,,. On the back of the eye drilled for screws (on the wall of her weight) .Koroche See for yourself!

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DSCN3474 DSCN3475

… cap itself from the other jar was found, but was included as there was!