Drill in glass pebbles

Drill in glass pebbles

Drill in glass pebbles


As a drill in glass pebbles are neat holes? Good question … Well, then, go first to the courage of Goodwin … Well, that is beginning to take up Dremel, is a multifunctional device that I highly recommend to have in the economy, then we need a drill with diamond coating and protective goggles.
Since we will immediately begin to do from pebbles something interesting, but the most simple, we need more wire, wire cutters and pliers


And yes, it Dremel and the most correct drill



First, pick up a few glass pieces, one may not be enough, we have a place to practice and planned to drill


The wide bowl, pour a little water so that it only covers the glass


Tightly deduct the glass and begin drilling pulsating movements (3-5 seconds drilling, 2-3 seconds of rest)


It is important not to push too hard, so it is possible to break a piece of glass, and another drill that that is unnecessary, such as a bowl of water


It should look something like this …


And then twist the wire hanger and do, in fact everything ready


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Courtesy: liveinternet.ru

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