Creation of transparent Jewellery

creation of transparent Jewellery

Creation of transparent Jewellery

I want to share a way of creating jewelry using transparent resin and dried flowers without Mold, the beauty is that you can create a round, oval and square, rectangular, multi-faceted shape of any size without any additional funds other than the resin itself.

So I started with the fact that she chose from its stockpile, those flowers that want to fill, and outlined the contours of your ukresheniya on paper (the plants should be dried polnostyuv). You can skip this step and pour without a stencil, but I wanted to plant fit

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Now you need to prepare a resin: knead (for instructions!) And leave for about 2-3 hours (for a set of viscosity). Immediately after mixing the resin lot of bubbles, they go away after a while and it can be used. At this stage, it well poured into molds. But I’m waiting for when it thickens.


While the resin is infused me do the right amount of stencils and cut:


An important point – you need to prepare the surface on which to solidify the product. It should be as smooth; if you do not clean up the dust before pouring – will be on buduyuschih brooches, earrings. In my case, the surface – glass, and using a spirit level, you can put it as straight as possible by placing it under anything.


The next step – to put on a flat surface of file or multiple files 


The finished slightly thickened resin is poured directly to file and distribute a toothpick so that the height was about 2-3 mm. Make sure you need to cover the dome-lid! Empirically, I found that the low probability of attachment of the dome of dust less than if one common cover and high. After 15 – 30 minutes, the resin can crawl away from the loop, then you should also floss her back to the place or even drip resin and distribute.



Now forget about the pitch for a day approximately. It is necessary to half-baked bases hardened completely and then you can separate them from a file (can be separated before, but not hardened resin will bend and leave fingerprints) Edges of course will not be perfectly smooth, so sandpaper or a nail file needed to process them. If there are paired elements such as earrings, you should make them as symmetrical.

The files themselves useful in any job with the resin! Thus, to protect your table from the resin adhering to it.

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Knead the new batch of resin and leave to infuse in the meantime try on the location of the dried flowers and if satisfied you can continue!

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After the resin bubbles out (passed 30-60 minutes) drip on the basis of a couple of drops, we distribute them and have flowers. It is necessary to fix them in place. Cover with a lid and leave to dry.


Well, that was another day)) (or half day). Again we prepare a new resin was allowed to thicken, but not much! Otherwise, the flooding is too thick resin bubbles formed on the plants will be difficult to remove and can be broken twig or leaf, driving pyzyrki toothpick! It is better to use the average of its texture, which is similar to fresh honey). This filling is needed primarily to the resin stiff in all the irregularities of the plant. Let me remind you about a flat work surface, because if at this stage it will not be smooth, the resin simplicity simply stechёt and spoil the mood and work. The higher the need to form a lens, the smoother the surface should be!


Further well-known scheme: cover lid, leave to dry). Spusya day need to dilute a new resin and wait until it is a thick consistency (thick honey) and to fill in again to form the bulk of the coating. Again, remove to FULL drying under antidust cover on a flat surface (complete drying at different pitches proizvodeteley different, but better to be safe and do not touch the product for several days, and if the plan was not to leave fingerprints of course)

After drying overturn finished the front side and make another fill a thick resin, as plants it does not, you can make only one casting to avoid leaving a flat rear surface and remove the texture file! Thus the plant is within the form. The form then becomes very strong and break it does not work, only to cut))) All this work seems simple, but in order to do everything you need to have some tidy share of patience and skill!

Jewellery made using resin require careful treatment and do not like direct sunlight (the plants can burn for a long time while, for example on a windowsill)

When all of the fill can be completed and dried to make the conceived ornament (narimer make the thinnest drill hole) well, or use as you please. I like simple forms and minimal decor, so get those decorations and pictures in my new winter:

Suspension with a sprig of heather 20 x 80 mm


Earrings with forget-me-on silver fastener 28 x 70 mm



Suspension with a sprig of Veronica Chamaedrys 30 x 62 mm



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