Dry shower

Dry shower

This spring, I visited the competition pedagogical ideas. Before its beginning there was an exhibition of various manuals, literature, toys and equipment. It was put there and the equipment for a sensory room. Of course, everything was beautiful, tempting and very expensive. A closer look at all this beauty, I came to the conclusion that much of the view, you can make your own hands at the lowest cost. And so I decided to start with the “dry soul”. Break the Internet, I found many of his options, but none of them are not suitable for our group room (which we are not very big). Then I came up with its own version. It may be useful to someone else.

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So for making “dry soul” we need:

– Children’s turntable (you can take a break as in my version);

– Colored silk ribbon width of 1 cm (the length of each tape of 3 meters);

– A large bead (optional);

– The narrow tape (for mounting).


turntables remove unnecessary protrusion on which the handle was attached.


Start the tape around to fix: do in the middle of the loop, the ends of the stretch belt and tighten.


Tapes can be combined in different colors.

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Thus, gradually fill the entire circle.

8 (1)

From the narrow strips do mount: tying one end of the loop (by which we will broadcast our “souls”, the other end pushes the bead for decoration (you can do without the beads).


Fasten the chopper, tying the knot.


hung “dry shower” in a convenient location.


Courtesy: maam.ru