Earrings with pearls in minutes

Earrings with pearls

Earrings with pearls in minutes

Title insurance l @ s has left thinking … outstanding in minutes? Yes! Totally true! In the new DIY tutorial, today were taught how in a few minutes can have a new pair of earrings to wear on their next outing, to go to work or to use at home. Easy, modern and perfect to make our favorite colors. With me?:)



  • Small colored beads.
  • Thin wire for jewelry.
  • Tweezers.
  • Pliers.
  • Base pending.

Look for bright colors and can prepare several pairs of earrings in no time.


Before you begin, look for two small tubes for use as a template. In this case I used two different glue stick. It is super convenient to work and give the earrings a perfect shape.

As a first step we have to take the fine wire and begin placing small beads. They may be the same color or in combination. We put as many as are necessary to flip the tube used as a template.


We spent the wire with pearls and closed tube spinning. You have to cut the wire leaving a few extra centimeters.


Here you can see two different sizes armed. It is good to first prepare the forms with pearls and then add the base of the slope.


We take one of the bases and we passed the excess wire.


There took to the extreme and coil wire for closing free and that our pending stay-over. If necessary, cut off excess wire.


We repeat the same for each of the remaining outstanding and go!


It’s that simple and we have several pairs of earrings to wear on our next outing. Look how beautiful they are!


I hope you liked the idea and they can do it! If they can share with me!:)

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